Ontology is the branch of philosophy relating to Being, particularly becoming. It deals with the nature of reality, and the meaning of existence.

Working with us takes you behind the veil of your present reality, out of Structure and into the realm of Truth, embodying the Sovereign experience in the moment to actively create your future... today.

In our Strategic Mastery courses in Applied Ontology we combine cognitive and energetic techniques with Psycho-pneuma-somatic attunement for EPIC journeys out of STUCK to get you into enjoying the life you know you want.

Your life, your game!

In our courses and sessions, your story becomes alive... like Jumanji. You decide how and what you want to play. 

We understand that the human experience is the journey AND the destination. 

We know that the state of Enlightenment is to be in love with life, with all its tangled stories and bizarre, unexpected plot twists.

We specialize in teaching the methods for staying Sovereign through all chapters of the story, masterfully weaving the acts that are yet to come.

Kerin School was formed to give practical ontological frameworks for upholding an Enlightened mindset, a life experience of Grace that transcends the world: To be in the world, but not of it.

Named after Saint Dorothy Kerin, our systems of Thought combine devotional alchemy with cutting edge applied philosophy and strategic, innovative Enlightenment teachings for a life changing transformation like no other. Our founders, Elizabeth and Sylvia are blood cousins of Dorothy Kerin, and are honored to continue her legacy of teaching the art of healing and mastery in the game of Life.

LEARN: What is Psycho-pneuma-somatic attunement?

All our enlightenment training is done by demonstration. We deliver concept and frequency, which you either accept and embody - or reject, forgive and release - in line with what is the highest and best for you. 
This is psycho-pneuma-somatic attunement -  an ancient form of teaching practiced by the Masters of old.

The Genius of System

The method we use doesn't require intense study, years of practice or a squeaky clean lifestyle. We can't interfere with your free will. But we can give you clear, concise direction for you to take to move past the stages of Healing and into Mastery, from Seeking and into Being.

All you need is the willingness to lean into a life of enlightened peace where you can participate in the unfolding of the story from a state of Truth

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  • KNOW THE GAME BOARD. There's no point trying to win a game of Chess if you're playing with Monopoly pieces. Our clients learn how to map out exactly how their game of life works and what the rules are for a graceful play.

  • KNOW YOUR CHARACTER. Our clients enjoy the crystal clear remembering of who they are and how they have come to wear the crowns and capes they bear. With this clarity they can quickly release redundant identities and move through the chapters of life with great confidence and power.

  • MASTER YOUR STRUGGLES. Embody a spiritually aligned protocol for dealing with the sacred challenges life brings you: the snakes on the board game, the dragon in the cave of treasures, the demon in the darkest underworld of your life..

  • RELAX AND UNWIND. Enjoy meditative exercises and guided journeys bringing a deep state of inner peace, all while attuning your energy field and consciousness to become One who moves in the world, but not of it..

Our multisensory online experiences engage several brain frequencies to attune all layers of awareness, helping the client heal rapidly from the inside out, nurturing the structures of thought, feeling and choice that support your enlightened lifestyle. We offer both high-level self-driven video/audio courses and full enlightenment concierge coaching.

Our unique selling point is system. Using logical frameworks and sequential protocols of thought and energy work, you'll have the tools you need to safely step over the threshold of reason and meet the mystical. This sounds like a paradox, but since life is both Truth and Story your job is to play the game by the rules and the mystery of Life does the rest. 

Another way to experience our teachings is to join our weekly editorial for beautifully woven insights and delightful perspectives, simple metacognition techniques and luscious essential oils for the Sovereign mind. 

"A Cup of Grace" will arrive in your inbox once a month, and though the main message will always be a dose of peaceful glory into your awareness, we might also use the opportunity to send you information about when new experiences are available.

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