Kerin School of Thought is the home of a line of philosophy called vibrational ontology, and the life curriculum Sovereign: A Way of Enlightenment

This is a profoundly hopeful way of interpreting Life, and it offers a sovereignty of mind and energy that allows a graceful way of being. Since it is a practical method as well as a school of thought, it is easy to embody. Our passion is the study of this way, and our mission is sharing it with those who desire peace.


We are each on a journey deeper and deeper into the remembered embodiment of our divine nature. This is the path of Enlightenment, or self-realization - the knowing of who we are. Ontology is the branch of philosophy dealing with that process of becoming. It is the world of thought that formulates the wisdom teachings that guide us deeper into Truth, and it is as logical and orderly as the cosmos.  

Vibrational Ontology is the practical application of philosophical principles of human becoming, applied as systematically chosen thought, feeling and movement for the purpose of consciously enhancing and accelerating the process of spiritual illumination. It is a modality for using awareness to influence the psycho-pneuma-somatic vibrational coordinates of a human’s state of being, thus expanding the container of consciousness, forming space for spiritual growth, purifying the energetic womb of manifestation and altering the experienced reality. Practitioners are philosophers that are also trained energy workers. Their work is to teach wisdom in a way that provides the client with the coordinates of being to maintain a particular vibrational state for long enough that it becomes embodied.  

Imagine the implications! You can create a mental framework, fill it with the right energy and come out looking like:

“I am the One who no longer self-sabotages my body’s healing process.”

“I am the One who has healthy boundaries and a strong sense of self.”

“I am the One who has forgiven and released the heavy weight that was on my heart.”

“I am the One who knows peace even when the world is losing its mind.”

“I am the One with enough time to take good care of my Self and my worldly Affairs.”

...what else? 

This is a big step beyond positive thinking and loving affirmations. Vibrational Ontology is a non-religious but profoundly spiritual mindset medicine modality that allows us to change reality by knowing it differently, and its ultimate goal is to know only Truth. It is done systematically because perception is a complicated quality that entangles sensory, intellectual, subconscious and intuitive ways of knowing anything about life and its possibilities. Process allows the path of least resistance to be taken in the journey of changing one’s Mind: from DNA coding to emotional response to environmental stimuli, to triggered mental processes and thought systems, to belief-based feeling and the subsequent decision-making that governs our movements in the world. Not to mention the biochemical environment between all those coordinates - that’s what’s going on in the body today - and from there the vibrational radiation of a person, their projection or aura, and of course therefore their energetic point of attraction and life circumstances.

That’s when we need Vibrational Ontology, so we can use our thinking and feeling processors to systematically liberate our sense of selves from the hive mind and return to our remembrance of Truth.

That tangled mess of involuntary, linear decision-making from inside triggered karmic life cycles is exposed and dissolved with vibrational ontology. This allows an expansion of possibility, and the natural process of healing begins to flow unhindered. When healing is complete, all the energy goes to mastery.

Imagine the implications. 

If we know ourselves as Truth, then Truth is what will be actualized. It also means that “I” can align “my” awareness with the providential flow of creativity, and be the expression of God.

Could it be possible?

Sovereign: A Way of Enlightenment is a body of vibrational ontology arranged in a system of thought that facilitates the most graceful participation in the human journey. It is a non-religious theology formulated to provide the wisdom and framework necessary for safely walking a path of ascending consciousness. The core outcome is the ability to maintain graceful awareness and excellent vibrational poise in all circumstances. The visceral experience of magic and miracle that follows as a result, is ineffable. 

Sovereign consists of eight core masteries, and each is a sequential stage in the human self-actualization journey, embodied through vibrational ontology in a Game of Enlightenment. These applications of vibrational ontology constitute the eight masteries of the Sovereign Way of Enlightenment, and form a systemized approach to ascending consciousness and increasing life mastery.

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