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This is the course site for elite students of The Sovereign Way and clients of the boutique transcendence agency, Sovereign Masters. This is where students find rich resources, tools and teachings to support your journey.

Sovereign is a profoundly hopeful way of interpreting Life.

When you know this worldview and learn the eight Sovereign masteries of mind, you experience a sovereignty in life that gives you a graceful way of being and the ability to overcome the world.

This way is easy to embody because Sovereign is both a practical method and a school of thought.

It is a Way of Enlightenment because it solves the personal problem of survival and liberates the human consciousness to participate in the magic of illumined becoming.

Our passion is the study of this way, and our mission is sharing it with the Sovereign ones who desire a life of enlightened grace, expansive adventure, and passionate devotion.

Who is The Sovereign Way for? Who are these Sovereign ones? Have a look:

Sovereign: A Way of Enlightenment is a system of thought that facilitates the most graceful participation in the human journey of enlightenment. It is a non-denominational theology formulated to provide the wisdom and framework necessary for safely walking a path of ascending consciousness and intimacy with God. The core outcome of this way is the ability to maintain graceful awareness and excellent vibrational poise in all circumstances. The visceral experience of magic and miracle that follows as a result, is ineffable. 

Sovereign consists of eight core masteries, and each is a sequential stage in the human self-actualization journey, embodied through vibrational ontology in a Game of Enlightenment. These applications of vibrational ontology constitute the eight masteries of the Sovereign Way of Enlightenment, and form a systemized approach to ascending consciousness and increasing life mastery.

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