Kerin School of Healing & Mastery provides unique recources for personal enlightenment and self development. 

We specialise in helping people build extraordinary lives fast with our innovative online mini courses and coaching programs in personal healing & mastery.

  • MANAGE YOUR ENERGY FIELD. Get unparalleled insights for personal Sovereignty to understand your goals, manage your energy field and tailor your experience to maximise your results.

  • MASTER YOUR STRUGGLES. Receive detailed instructions for making your way through difficulty.

  • DEFINE YOUR TRUTH. Our clients enjoy cutting edge, door opening, targeted guidance & strategies for Sovereignty in all areas of life.

  • RELAX AND UNWIND. Enjoy meditative exercises and guided journeys bringing a deep state of inner peace.

Our coaching calls, exercises and online media engage several brain frequencies to attune all layers of awareness, helping the client heal rapidly from the inside out.

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The manifesto, the vision and the call.