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This is the course site for students of The Sovereign Way. You will find rich resources, tools and teachings to support your spiritual growth.

Sovereign is a profoundly hopeful way of interpreting Life, both a practical method and a school of thought.

It is a method for life mastery and ascension of consciousness because it solves the personal problem of survival and liberates your creative energy to participate in the fullness of abundant, peaceful living.

As a healing modality, it is used in clinical consultation to diagnose and dissolve recalibrate a client's mindset and prime your energy field for healing. It allows rapid revelation and untangles the links between consciousness, energy field and manifest form. 

As a system of thought, The Sovereign Way facilitates the most graceful participation in the human journey of healing and mastery. It is a non-denominational framework for personal faithconsisting of eight core masteries. These masteries form a systemized approach to ascending consciousness and increasing life mastery.

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Try I AM TRUTH, our introductory course, sneak a peak into the rich library in The Oasis, or immerse yourself in advanced mastery teachings in our video courses. For private and group coaching in Ascension, Spiritual Direction and Life Mastery, visit www.sovereignmasters.com