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This is an advanced level game in the energetics and metaphysical mechanics of aligning with and maintaining flow state for ultimate vibrational freedom. For 5 weeks you will be playing in a vibrational experience that will fill you with mind-blowing spiritual teaching and attune your energy field for graceful and abundant flow. 

Option 1 ($350): 

Join a small group of Adventurers in companionship for 5 weeks.

Option 2 ($1,999): 

Uplevel to Concierge and add a private exploration and healing every week for precision work on your life path.

The result of winning this game is significant:

You will experience a deepening of your intimacy with Magic/Christ: the spirit of God infused in the World. 

You will enhance your Life's abundance and improve your ability to transcend life trajectories and patterns. 

You will sharpen your energetic discernment and become exquisitely good at sorting out Egoic intentions from True intentions.

Your personal vibration will be liberated from "the way things are" to reveal entirely new realities to choose from, and you will know how to choose with sovereign confidence. 

 The 10 minute video below shares why the mastery of flow state is important.

We are accepting applications from players who fulfill these requirements:

You have an existing relationship with God in any religious or spiritual framework and are excited about deepening the intimacy. You are spiritually mature and not offended by diverse language or different ways of relating to the Great I AM. You currently practice spiritual or energetic techniques in your mastery and want better structures for abundance and vibrational freedom. You are prepared to invest your time and Presence to become more sovereign over your energy field and less influenced by the world of form. If this is you, enter below.
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What To Expect

The Nature of The Game

  • Sovereign Games Come Alive

    All programs and games in the Sovereign curriculum come alive, like Jumanji. That's because of the basic law of vibration: energy flows to where your focus is, and we masterfully guide your focus into strategic areas of creation. The quantum fabric shifts in response to our work and you will meet the Game in "real life". We provide you with the tools to keep your progress smooth between sessions and help you incorporate the Game into your existing spiritual practice.

  • The Format

    You will join a group of Adventurers playing this game over the course of 5 weeks. We meet weekly to cover the philosophy and methods for the week, set the intentions and challenges, and review progress. Throughout the week we share space in a Facebook lounge where we can compare notes and tactics. You'll will have specific assignments to complete during the week. If you choose to upgrade, you will also enjoy a private coaching and healing session with Elizabeth every week.

  • What's Included

    Your Game includes: Weekly group coaching with elite ontologist Elizabeth A Wilson. Membership in a private Facebook lounge. Crystal clear instruction manual with mindset attunements for abundant flowstate. Continuous energy healing. Optional Upgrade: Link arms with Elizabeth as your private concierge spiritual director and add an intimate 1-2-1 session each week (she'll help you carry the load, slay the dragons, and point out treasures to collect on the way), plus Bible study to align the game with Scripture.


Each week the Game arranges itself around a core vibrational intention that leads you deeper into understanding of the laws of flow state. 

You may attend the class that suits your timezone, or come to both! Between classes you will be playing independently and with other players in the Facebook lounge.

WEEK 1: Core Principles of Freedom, Rules of Play, and How to Use The Tools

WEEK 2: The Systems of Play: Nature, Culture, and Flow State

WEEK 3: Allies & Villains: Discerning Egoic and Christly Intention.

WEEK 4: Miracle-Making: The 5 Step Protocol for Aligning with Flow.

WEEK 5: What To Do With Freedom, and Where Flow Ultimately Goes.

Materials Included

Video, Audio, Written Word and Energy Work

  • 1

    WEEK 1. Core Principles of Freedom, Rules of Play, How to Use The Tools

    • 1) Welcome, Adventurer! READ THIS FIRST.

    • 2) VIDEO: The reason you are taking this course

    • 3) VIDEO: The Sovereign Model of Human Consciousness

    • 4) ATTUNEMENT: Adventurer's Abundance Attunements

    • 5) ATTUNEMENT: Adventurer's Abundance Attunement Week 1

    • 6) AUDIO: The River - a short story to help align with flow state.

    • 7) AUDIO: The Floating Man: An exercise in Christ awareness

    • 8) PDF HANDBOOK (optional)

  • 2

    WEEK 2: The Systems - Nature, Culture and Flow

    • 1) The Game This Week

    • 2) AUDIO: The metaphysics of Surrender

    • 3) VIDEO: Surrender to Nature or Culture?

    • 3) ATTUNEMENT: Adventurer's Abundance Attunement Week 2

  • 3

    WEEK 3: The 5 Step "Miracle Maker" Protocol

    • 1) The Game This Week

    • 2) ACTIVITY: How to Ground Miracles

    • 3) AUDIO: The Augustinian Thought Method

    • 4) Adventurer's Abundance Attunement Week 3

  • 4

    WEEK 4: Allies & Villains

    • 1) The Game This Week

    • 2) AUDIO: The Art of Discernment

    • 3) MEDITATION: Overcome Again

    • 4) Adventurer's Abundance Attunement Week 4

  • 5

    WEEK 5: What To Do With Freedom and Where The Flow Eventually Goes

    • 1) Winning The Game

    • 2) What Comes Next

    • 2) ACTIVITY: How to use the compass analogy to discover your super-power

    • 3) VIDEO: Finding Direction

    • 4) Adventurer's Abundance Attunement Week 5

  • 6


    • BONUS: The Road Not Take by Robert Frost

    • BONUS: A Perspective for Immediate Safety

    • BONUS AUDIO: Meditation for Allowing

    • BONUS AUDIO: A Vibrational Journey for Christ

    • BONUS: Adventurer's Abundance Attunement

  • 7

    Before you go!

    • Before you go...