Think too much, or too little?

How you think defines you - and determines your entire perspective on life.

Your thoughts, and the way you think, affects every aspect of your life. 

Mastering your supercomputer not only benefits the communication between yourself and others, but even between yourself and your reality. 

Get our five top methods for moulding a brilliant mind in this effective mini course, where you will learn how to:

...IN JUST 93

Previously taught only through private coaching, this mini audio course is perfect for high thinkers, fogbrains and over-thinkers alike on your journey into self-realization, mastery and peace.

"Changed everything."

Jeffrey Guernsey, US Navy (ret)

I took this course in January 2019 and it changed everything about how I use my mind. I was able to easily understand the material, shape my thinking, and set my life in a new direction. I hope to one day help someone the way Elizabeth has helped me.

A simple 5-part Audio Masterclass on How to Think, Genius is one masterful step inward on the return to Enlightenment.

"Let men and women discover the truth that they are the makers of themselves by the virtue of the thoughts they choose and encourage - that mind is the master weaver both of the inner garment of character and the outer garment of circumstance, and that as they may have hitherto woven in ignorance and pain, they may now weave in enlightenment and happiness."
James Allen – As A Man Thinketh.

What you get:

A gorgeously woven audio tapestry of spiritual lessons, guided thought techniques, binaural beats for optimized learning, and downloadable materials to take with you into your maturing relationship with your own majestic mind.

  • Five spoken lessons on philosophy and spiritual thinking.

  • Five downloadable mp3 guided thought technqiues with masterfully designed binaural undertones to enhance learning and embody the energetic transmission

  • Downloadable transcript for review, and recommendations for further reading.

Can't wait!

I want to harness my thoughts and put them to use for a meaningful, delightful experience of life.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    GENIUS: 5 Simple Thought Methods for a Brilliant Life

    • Preparing for this course

    • INTRODUCTION: The Genius of thinking.

    • Meditative Thought Experiment: The Floating Man

    • LESSON 1: Metacognition, Basic Brain Law and how to break a negative thought pattern.

    • LESSON 2: Augustinian Thought & the art of transposition.

    • LESSON 3: Ignatian Thought & the art of imaginative contemplation.

    • LESSON 4: Thomistic Thought & the art of discursive meditation

    • LESSON 5: Fransiscan Thought & the art of surrendered free thought.

  • 2

    Recommended Reading

    • Download the full transcript of this course

    • Further Reading

I'm ready! free my mind and take my thoughts in the direction of life affirming vital imagination!

This course is written and presented by:

Philosopher, Life Strategist & Founder of KSH

Elizabeth A Wilson

Binding the metaphysical, emotional and cerebral energy fields together in her industry acclaimed teachings, Elizabeth directs the willing student from SEEKING into BEING. As such she is a sought-after personal coach for students of life claiming practical world mastery, devotion and surrender. Elizabeth is a cousin of our namesake St Dorothy Kerin, and the owner and co-founder of Kerin School of Thought. She began her career in program design with a degree in Criminology & Journalism almost two decades ago. Her mastery of language and story-telling and her specialism in ontological philosophy, coupled with an extraordinary ability to comprehend client needs, means she is perfectly ordained to design and implement meaningful healing programs that bring lasting transformation in the quantum field. As such she is a sought-after personal coach for students of life claiming practical world mastery, devotion and surrender. Through easy-to-digest metaphysics, mysticism and laws of mind, the comprehension of which can initiate profound healing, Elizabeth uses energetic attunements to guide her students' consciousness and ignite quantum leaps of awareness. "Ah! Aha!" is the most commonly heard student feedback. A Reiki Master Teacher, Elizabeth is best known for her silken English voice, with which she gracefully coaches clients through a systematic approach to healing and enlightened living. With her own story of spectacular failure, outrageous risk and profound victories of righteousness and faith Elizabeth has personally lived and tested every principle and practice taught in her work. Consistently initiating and facilitating life-changing transformation, she proves that the human journey, even in its rich diversity, is a universal coming-of-age story. Metacognitive practices, simple energy attunements and essential oils all play a part as Elizabeth creates healing programs as multi-sensory experiences of learning so you emerge from a pattern story and into a loving dance with life. Elizabeth is now based in Sarasota, FL where she lives a life of rich love with her daughters and husband.