"...at rock bottom is a treasure..."

And this easy audio course will prove it to you.

A listening experience like no other! Put your headphones on, take a deep breath, soften the muscles in your neck and shoulders, and let hypnotic voice, soothing sounds and gentle philosophy guide you back to your power.

"One of the most relevant courses available during this time"

You don't need more work to do. You need more of YOU.

Overwhelm simply means you believe it's all too much for you to handle, that you're drowning in it all. But there are simple steps you can take, in mind and energy, that lift you to the surface. You are held afloat by life no matter how strong the current seems.

You have what it takes. Perhaps all you need is a little help to remember. 

Learn how to navigate life's wildest terrain.

A beautifully and eloquently woven audio tapestry, consisting of spiritual lesson, guided meditations, binaural beats for optimized learning, and metacognition techniques to take with you into your deepending dance with life's many challenges.

  • Five meditative spiritual lessons outlining THE universal protocol for dealing with any difficulty.

  • Five downloadable mp3 thought experiments with masterfully designed binaural undertones to enhance learning and embody the energetic transmission

  • Metacognition techniques and essential oil recommendations to support your mastery as the HERO of your life.

  • BONUS VIDEO: The Mechanics of Forgiveness: why some things are harder to let go than others, and what to do about it.

Hello! I am your Enlightenment Guide.

Owner and Co-Founder of Kerin School of Thought, Elizabeth A Wilson

Elizabeth takes her students on wondrous journeys through life changing trauma releases and paradigm shifts, into the depths of our constructs. With her own experiences of spectacular failure and profound redemption, she proves the Universal Human Journey and illuminates the path home. Specializing in Metacognition, Energy Alchemy and the Human Consciousness, she guides business leaders, thought leaders, top athletes, priests, veterans, entrepreneurs, addicts, healers and the extraordinary ordinary people into greater clarity and enlightened living. Join the hundreds who have already taken Elizabeth's courses in Life Mastery, building on the Kerin School manifesto of the Sovereign Way of Enlightenment.
Elizabeth - the face behind the voice.


Don't take it from us...

Most relevant course available today

Tina Barnes

One of the most relevant courses available today is HERO, a 5 step protocol in dealing with difficulty. We all need this practice in our current unprecedented situation. HERO is both comforting and empowering. A road map, clearly guiding me through the physical, emotional, spiritual and experiential phases of dealing with life's challenges, at work, at home and within. It highlights what I am capable of and areas to strengthen with accessible and fulfilling practices to make this so. It has helped me to identify my superpower, which was not what I initially thought it would be, providing me clearer insight into my life's direction and revealing exciting paths.

"The HERO protocol changed my life!"

by Debbie Pribele

You know how they say that when the student is ready that the teacher shall appear? Little did I know that, when I invited Elizabeth to share her story at my Empowerment event, that I was about to become the student and I was about to peel back another layer of “old stories”, reaching a new level of awareness and empowerment! The HERO protocol has changed my life!!!! I have re-aligned with who I am, with my passion, purpose, beliefs, and, um “goals”. I say that last bit because it has been part of my spiel, but, following the protocol, my “goals” are no longer out there and beyond but, rather, within. Instead of being a destination they are clarifying and empowering my true essence in this moment, every moment. From one HERO to another --- #gratitude!

Your turn to HERO!

Ignite your full potential in a life-altering perspective shift that will turn the challenge before you into mist at dawn. Get the Online course at only $27!

Why binaural beats?

This is how they optimize your learning experience.

  • Alpha waves

    Promotes stress relief and focus, perfect for settling into a learning experience

  • Beta waves

    Supports increased cognition, perfect for learning new ideas and comprehension of metaphysical concepts

  • Gamma waves

    Stimulates peak awareness, perfect for enhancing and embodying your sense of courage and personal power.

  • Theta waves

    Induces relaxation and creativity, perfect for thought experiments that requires new perspectives

  • Delta waves

    Promotes deep healing across several layers of awareness and brings life force into the cellular structure

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Preparing for this course

    • An introductory message from your instructor

    • BONUS AUDIO: Vibrational Tutorial to Help Align with Flowstate

  • 2

    Step 1: Surrender

    • Preparing for this lesson

    • AUDIO: A Soothing Lesson on the Metaphysics of Surrender

  • 3

    Step 2: Ground

    • Preparing for this lesson

    • AUDIO: An Easy Lesson on the Metaphysics of Grounding

    • JOURNAL: How To Ground into Your 3D Life

  • 4

    Step 3: Power Up

    • Preparing for this lesson

    • AUDIO: A Vital Lesson on the Metaphysics of Powering Up

    • JOURNAL: How to Use the Compass Analogy to Discover Your Super-Power

  • 5

    Step 4: Act

    • Preparing for this lesson

    • AUDIO: A Sober Lesson on the Metaphysics of Right Action

  • 6

    Step 5: Allow

    • Preparing for this lesson

    • AUDIO: An Encouraging Lesson on the Metaphysics of Allowing

  • 7

    BONUS: Dealing With Overwhelm

    • Video tutorial: The Mechanics of Forgiveness

    • Before you go...


Perhaps all you need is a beautiful and benevolent track for your thoughts to travel along...?

  • $27.00

    $27.00GENIUS: 5 Simple Thought Methods for a Brilliant Life (AUDIO EXPERIENCE)

    With this $15 audio experience, explore easy methods for thinking that will harness the scattered mind and direct your energy into restorative and creative thought!