Announcing the 2021 IAT Group Coaching Opportunity!

CHOOSE YOUR TIME 7pm EST: 4th, 11th, 18th January OR 2pm EST: 8th, 15th, 22nd January

Learn the simple energy tool our private students use to break through the structures of their actualized experience to change their life's trajectory, release the old stories and become Sovereign over their energy field. The result?  Embodied enlightened experience, and a mindset poised for mastery and success.

The Program

4th January at 7pm EST: Remembering

Training in the Model of Human Consciousness for a radical new framework through which to understand yourself

11th January at 7pm EST: Recognizing

Training in vibrational discernment to sort out Truth from Falsehood in the strands of your identity.

18th January at 7pm EST: Releasing

Training in our proprietary Rapid Release Method (RRM), a vibrational alchemy tool for forgiveness and release of Falsehood.

I Am Truth is a quest into Self and an intimate communion with your Soul as we go further beyond the veil of your actualized reality than you have ever ventured. 

As you lean into the transformation to embody it, this will become an adventure from which there is no return. The rules of the game are set: Metamorphosis only goes one way.



Do you feel stuck in 3D? How about this for a plot twist?

(Enter Stage)


You’re going about your daily business when a flicker in the corner of your eye draws your attention to movement on the veil of Life. You focus your eyes, and you start to see the Truth forming as shapes stirring behind it. You rip the veil down, and discover your reality wasn’t real at all. You know you have a mission: to find the crown and return it to its rightful owner. So you set out to find it, studying the ways of magic to help you on your way.



You begin sifting through the pieces of Life, sorting out what is Truth and what is Story. You discover friends you thought were foes and foes you thought were friends. You reveal the energetic landscape you’re playing in, and you identify the shadowlands where the dragons roam. You study the map. You know exactly where the crown is.



You gather your tools and master their craft. You deepen your wisdom. This is it. You don’t waste time slaying all the little mini beasts and annoying imps, you go straight to the boss dragon. The others can’t survive without its dark influence. And with a flourish of your innate magic, you slay the dragon. The crown appears on your head.


Are you ready to Own your Truth?

Or, if you prefer less slaying and more sloughing, this next story is another way to understand the experience.

It's sweet little bed time story about the energetics of what you're going through.

Natural evolution dictates that what is unfolding is given momentum by a source other than our own will. That means your awakening, your enlightenment, is happening anyway. Mastery is simply the practice of maintaining sovereignty and poise during the process, so that when you expand into the unknown you do so without resistance and suffering. 

This story helps to provide a reference against which to understand what you're going through. 
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A Short Story About Your Awakening


"I had pivotal moments of such earth-shattering, mind-altering, experiences that I can't really express them. And they keep on rolling in." Sylvia R Swann

I AM TRUTH takes you on a beautiful journey in consciousness through the worlds of remembering, recognition and renewal, traversing the landscapes of hidden dragons, beasts and pesky imps, and overcoming them once and for all. 

The destination? You will arrive into a Sovereign state of Being where you are the master over your Energy Field. 

"A journey from which there is no return."

This program is designed to save you aeons of searching for "the Way", so that you can spend your time Being instead of Seeking.

In this gorgeously eloquent 3 part group coaching experience you go through the pivotal stages of reconnecting, recollection and release that enables you to crawl out of the bogs and step into an allowing Presence, unfazed by the bewilderment of "reality".

It will get uncomfortable at times - but it will bring you into greatness. 

Not sure what to expect? Here's a message we received from one of our students, Megan:

Our ONLINE GROUP COACHING opportunity gives you this $999 per person training for only $199!


Get rid of those old ghosts from lower versions of you that you've outgrown once and for all. The course is set up in a way that breathes life into and builds connection between all layers of the Self:

  • PART 1: REMEMBERING (7th November, 12pm EST). Learn a model of human consciousness that will change the way you see yourself and life, giving you a framework that will always work with any healing modality to reveal deeper and deeper layers of your experience.

  • PART 2: RECOGNIZING (14th November 12pm EST) Explore the mysteries of your way of being with a personality assessment unlike any you’ve experienced before, and practice a technique for vibrational discernment that will help you sort out what’s true and what’s false, revealing the paradigms that are holding you back.

  • PART 3: RELEASING (21st November 12pm EST) Learn the Rapid Release Method, combining logic and energy to transform entire plot lines in your story, revealing the heroic journey and rightfully restoring the treasure to the kingdom.

Who should take this course?

So, would you like to restore your innocent delight in life, and live with an air of graceful peace regardless of the turmoil unfolding around you, all the while maintaining the presence and focus of sovereign poise no matter what the other seems to believe?  

This group workshop is for you if you are ready for a quick-change program that facilitates a psycho-pneuma-somatic shift and the outpouring of grace that follows. 

If this is you:

  • You are experiencing patterns of resistance in your personal or business life.

  • You are doing your best to heal: practicing yoga, meditating, exercising, dieting, renewing, reading self-help books or doing all the things to make life better and align with the good stuff.

  • ...but the patterns of resistance won't go away, or just keep showing up...

  • You feel like you are treading water, moving on from the old feels sluggish and slower than you know it could be. 

  • You are asking yourself  "HOW COME NOTHING WORKS?"

  • You're ready to end the shadow work and just heal, finding your way to an enlightened, peaceful life.

In I AM TRUTH we break the cycle though our groundbreaking strategic approach to enlightenment, using tried-and-tested systems based on traditional wisdom coupled with modern, metaphysical techniques for instant, lasting progress.

  •  You know and navigate the human consciousness with ease.

  • You are done with the gritty healing process and look back on the trials you have been through with love, admiration and gratitude.

  • You are living as Truth, aligned with your talents, aspirations and dreams and know what it means to be your Self.

  • You harbor no regrets, bear no grudges, as you are Present in the Flow of the moment.

  • You know what works... because you are the answer, so you move confidently and smoothly through relationship and the turbulence of life, no more being thrown off kilter by "reality".


A message from the other side.

It is hard for most to imagine that there could be an end to "healing". 

That there could come a time when fixing and recovering and remembering and forgiving is no longer the purpose, but tiles on the floor blending into the patterns and images you have woven on your path. When the Grace of a natural flow state is the only healing you need. What next?

The truth is, self-realization is not the goal. It's the lifestyle. And when there's nothing to fix, all your creative energies go into expression and experience.

Here, magic and mystery become the very fabric of life.

Even a simple walk becomes a wander in a fantasy realm, because you're not distracted by the static disturbance of not-good-enough. The magic is everywhere, it's what every moment is made of. 

I know the Kingdom of Heaven. I also know the lands beyond: a murky sort of shadow place in my mind with street signs that read Shame and Guilt and Overdrinking and Overthinking. I know those lands well too - in deep gratitude. Paradise is better. Magic is better. Peace of mind, emotion and body is better. 

"Life is equal parts Truth and Story. When you master the balance of these, you know you who are." 

- Elizabeth A Wilson, Creator of Sovereign

By the way, here's why 'nothing works'.

“In every culture and in every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy."

(Nobel Prize winner Albert Szent-Gyorgyi)

The stickiest part of transformation is the early transition - like in autumn, where the gold leaves of fall are lightly dusted with a frosty promise of something new. It's like that when we start emerging as a new version of ourselves, having incorporated the lessons and wisdom of the previous age - but we're not yet quiiiiite finished with an identity that we'd chosen for ourselves. We've declared something new. But we can still see the old.

The identity "I Am the One who is Healed" is our new body because it's our intention and our desire, but "I Am the One with Immunity Issues/Fear/Confidence Problems/Trauma etc" is still peeking through. Growing and becoming are not the hardest parts of your enlightenment - those are natural states, easiest thing in the universe. The hardest part is releasing the white-knuckle grip on the old seasons. And when something is truly healed, not even a trace of it still shows through the delicate lace of hand woven newness. It's just gone.

Are you really ready to let go? 

If so, you need to know this: Absolutely fundamental to ANY permanent change in your life is the flow of the formation of reality. 

It is always:

1) Consciousness

2) Energy

3) Manifestation

Or you could say:

1) Mindset

2) Emotional feedback

3) Physical response.

Or you could say:

1) Quantum

2) Vibration

3) Matter

Or you could say:

1) Think it

2) Feel it

3) See it

Or you could say:

1) God

2) Christ

3) Me

Or you could say...

The verbiage doesn't matter at all. What matters is that you understand the relationship dynamic between the three when you're working on changing your story. Miss one of them, and you remain in a feedback loop where any healing accomplished in the other two pillars may well reset back to your old default.

Therefor, when you're ready to make a permanent change in your life, these are the tools you need:

1) Metacognition techniques (the power tools for neuroplasticity)

2) Energy tools (to balance the biofield and shift trauma stories out of the DNA field)

3) Essential oils (to provide the body chemistry that supports healing transformation.)

In I AM TRUTH we will combine these pillars in a series of conversations where you will learn simple but life changing techniques using thought, energy and essential oils.

What you need is a strategy to help you move

A story from one of our clients

written by Kelliann Denney, 2019

"Experimental results are never wrong. It is only our classical thinking that's wrong."
(Buzemayer & Bruza, Quantum Models of Cognition and Thinking, 2012)

"I am writing this to tell a short story how three movements for three minutes changed my life...

I started working through my trauma with Elizabeth about four months ago and was not familiar with any of the techniques I now practice daily. After hearing my origin story, my goals, and my roadblocks, she created a healing path suited and personalized for ME... What a relief and miracle, to have access to learn techniques that will help me find release, peace and forgiveness.

I started in July and learned the Rapid Release method in I AM TRUTH, incorporating it into my life morning and night. At first, my body and mind pushed back: This isn’t going to work; This isn’t you; You aren’t going to stick with this. This thought stream lasted about a month, and after incorporating my own “touch” to the process (stretching, connecting with my breath), it started to become natural. And even more so, I noticed I was changing. I woke up on a Saturday morning, rolled out of bed and without hesitation went to my mat, sat down, grabbed my geranium and started to rub my chest. It hit me: the process had become a part of me, as natural as brushing my teeth, and the results were and continue to be terrific.

I manage daily stress leaps and bounds better than before. I contain skills and techniques to talk my way out of a storm and recover quicker from triggers and traumas. I have forgiven people in my life that I had said I never would. I am more calm, present and have found a deeper union with my life. I also have a more clear understanding of how to serve and love unconditionally while setting healthy boundaries. I am free, I have forgiven, I am forgiven. And this process, this three motions for three minutes process, saved me.

Elizabeth, I am filled with so much gratitude for your guidance, support, vision, and love. My humble and loyal cells are anew; I am anew ❤️"

- Kelliann Denney

I AM TRUTH student 2019

Does time heal every wound?

Sadly not. Time heals nothing at all.

Loving awareness is the only thing that heals, with the symphony of actions and movement that come from it. That fundamentally means that the individual's desire to transform AND their presence on the journey are the vital ingredients regardless of the method. It also means that a healing journey could be completed

⚰️ in a thousand years

🛎️ or in a nanosecond.

Despite the wonderful success of the Rapid Release Method (RTM) taught in I AM TRUTH, some people will not choose to use a method that brings fast healing. Perhaps they identify with their trauma, and the story gives them comfort. Then they must go through a journey of remembering and awakening before they are ready for RTM!

🕛"As long as I am sick, I am loved".

🕟"As long as I am poor, I am noble."

🕗"As long as I'm suffering, I'm worthy."

(Guess how we know about those stories!)

Or perhaps they expect true healing to demand prolonged suffering, they expect it to require the expanse of time. And no wonder - even the most illumined among us have come to associate "fast" with much of the unnatural modern pressure for progress. And yet - we can feel the difference between the bustling, scurrying mania of third dimensional speed, and the instant shift that comes from the knowing of unconditional love.

Because in the end, Time is not the one doing the healing. Truthful, loving awareness is what heals, and each of us has the ability to direct our healing consciousness through the ties that bind. Time is just a measure of change.

Some people already know they're ready for transformation. They know that their trauma patterns are outpouring into their lives and they're ready to be rid of them. They don't need years of sitting in contemplative shadow work, they just need a protocol to follow to rinse the dirt away. For those people, a method combining metacognition, neurolinguistics and energy work, supported by therapeutic grade essential oils, will quickly identify the cellular code, unify the realms of mind, emotion and molecule, and dissolve the link between triggers and the patterned response.

Hello! I'm your instructor, Elizabeth A Wilson.

Elizabeth began her career in self-mastery program design as a volunteer progression mentor with The Prince’s Trust in UK, during her graduate degree in Criminology & Journalism almost twenty years ago. She went to become a professionally trained and qualified PRINCE2 project manager, mastering the craft of flow

She has apprenticed with New York Times bestselling authors and published both fantasy fiction and inspirational self-mastery, and studied with thought leaders in spiritualism and Christianity, paganism and Earth-devotion. 

Her passion for language and story-telling, her specialism in ontology, combined with decade long study and training in the field of metaphysics and mind, guiding hundreds of students on multiple forms of spiritual and life programs have all led her to now design and implement meaningful healing programs that bring lasting transformation in the quantum field. 

With her extraordinary ability to comprehend client needs, Elizabeth is best known for her graceful modality of coaching clients through a systematic approach to mindset healing and enlightened living.

Her own story of spectacular failure, outrageous risk and profound victories of faith means she relates to the sacred story you're living, and Elizabeth has personally lived and tested every principle and practice taught in her work.

She proves that the human journey, even in its rich diversity, is a universal coming-of-age story. Metacognitive practices, simple energy attunements and essential oils all play a part as Elizabeth creates healing programs as multisensory experiences of learning so you emerge from a pattern story and into a loving dance with Life.

YES! I Am Ready to Change the Story.

I claim a brand new way of Being.

Rapid Release Method©

The Trauma Code Editor that works.

At the Kerin School of Thought our focus is on designing simple and practical solutions to empower you in your healing and realization journey. Building on well-known elements from psychology and energy medicine, we have formulated the unique Rapid Release Method© that underpins deeply transformative perspective shifts that disconnect your identity from the elements in your environment that trigger the disabling effects of past trauma, leaving you liberated to heal the trauma itself:

Trauma is not stored in your brain, but logged in the DNA. Actively controlling your paradigms for emotional responses and untrue beliefs, trauma codes have huge impact on your subconscious, and as a result, on your life.

RRM© is a sustainable method for you to use throughout the rest of your healing process, and a handy tool to carry with you for the rest of your life to transmute non-beneficial energy fields in your consciousness, biofield and body. 

For the background and science, explore this page

With this 3-step strategic healing course you can finally move on from Healing into Being - a journey of realization and release for only $199!