Become a Master of the Healing crafts with this exclusive 5-week intensive training in the Alchemy of Energy Work. 

This course teaches the craft of Healing and manifestation from an all-new perspective on ancient knowledge, allowing you to masterfully and Knowingly create space for transmission and change in a whole new way.

Alchemy is a process of transformation, particularly through the combining of energy fields. All healers are alchemists as they direct life force into different fields of frequency. Skilled manifestors also use alchemy well as they vibe into different realities with grace. 

An under-rated but absolutely essential ingredient in all alchemy, is the state of knowing. The mind-frame. The way of directing awareness for absolute alignment with that essential creative flow.

In this course you'll learn a tried and tested system of Knowing that guides your energy work for maximum efficiency, no matter your modality. You will notice your results faster, and the impact will be enhanced.

Whether you are dabbling in energy transmission or have an established healing practice, this unique training will greatly enhance your work - whether personal or professional.

  • An innovative visual model which demonstrates the law of creative flow - from a new perspective, as well as a framework for applying your practice to this existing energy stream.

  • To test the method, you will receive training in basic energy techniques from the schools of Reiki and Qi Gong, (including Reiki I attunement and certificate), or deepen your existing one.

Experience the magic.

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The 5-week Program

During your 5 private coaching sessions, this is what you will cover:

  • Session 1 covers the KSH Model of Human Consciousness, an all-new revelation of the Truth about our Selves. In this session you will also set a measurable outcome together.

  • In Session 2 you will determine the Energy Techniques you will be using to practice this system. Certification in Reiki level I included if you don't have a technique to date.

  • In Session 3 you will receive training and certification in the Rapid Release Method (RRM©), covering basic energy alchemy.

  • In Session 4 you will receive the Master Alchemy Protocol designed as a template to guide your intention.

  • WEEK 5. Review of your outcomes, refine and perfect.

  • ASLO INCLUDED: Downloadable tutorials and PDFs as well as priority response time between coaching calls.

Meet the Master Alchemist

Philosopher, Life Strategist & Founder of KSH

Elizabeth A Wilson

Binding the metaphysical, emotional and cerebral energy fields together in her industry acclaimed teachings, Elizabeth directs the willing student from SEEKING into BEING. As such she is a sought-after personal coach for students of life claiming practical world mastery, devotion and surrender. Through easy-to-digest metaphysics, mysticism and laws of mind, the comprehension of which can initiate profound healing, Elizabeth uses energy attunements to guide her students' consciousness and ignite quantum leaps of awareness. "Aaaaaaaahhhhh! Aha!" is the most commonly heard student feedback. Elizabeth is now based in Sarasota, FL where she lives a life of rich love with her daughters and husband.

What is Alchemy?

If you ask a flutist where her magic comes from, she will tell you it comes from two places: 

One aspect of her music is the eternal breath that flows through her, the same breath that is accessible to anyone and that is ignited and sustained by an inner creative agency – step aside and it’ll just flow. This is pure inspiration, and it’s divine. 

And an equally important part of the magic, is her craft. The expertise with which she places her fingers, moves her lips, and regulates her breath, and the form and quality of her tool. This is her excellence.

When the divine converges with excellence, you have a co-creative magic.

Level up your Mastery.

Sign up for Master Alchemist and train with Elizabeth A Wilson for a life changing experience. Limited spots available!