An oasis is a paradise

a check point landmark


in the middle of a desert. 

A place of rest for the weary traveler, a place to refresh and renew, and to recalibrate the compass to true north. Here you will an abundance of manna - highly intelligent yet deeply relaxing spiritual teachings to feed the soul, clear the debris and infuse your Life with Magic and Love. 

Enlist the monthly support of our elite Sovereign students under the graceful guidance of master ontologist, Elizabeth A Wilson, a comforter with an exquisite set of vibrational tools for your energetic mastery.  

For $90 month

the Oasis is an uplifting and soothing experience of Presence, regardless of your spiritual language. Teachings are transmitted in the universal form, embracing and honoring all voices of Truth and Love from across the world. In times of trouble you will find healing and recalibration. In times of jubilance you will find training in mastery and expansion. At all times you are welcome to rest and feast on the manna of Word. Included in your $90 monthly membership fee is:

  • One hour a week of overflowing, loving Presence with elite ontologist Elizabeth A Wilson

  • Belong to a group of highly intelligent, spiritually mature students immersing in their life studies of metaphysics and energetic mastery, with wide-open space for magic, miracle and happiness.

  • Unlimited access to a rich and opulent library of video, audio and written word teachings to delight the enlightened mind, including access to thousands of dollars worth of restricted courses on enlightenment and ascending mastery.

  • Remote energy work and daily prayer.

Elizabeth A Wilson

Elizabeth is an author, philosopher and spiritual teacher specializing in the human process of enlightenment. Her work centers on the metaphysical and energetic craft of maintaining enlightened mind, and using gentle philosophy and vibrational transmission through Word she helps people embody their Truth regardless of the collective turmoil and strife. Elizabeth is the creator and author of Sovereign: A Way of Enlightenment, a framework of spiritual thought and philosophical curriculum for life mastery. She is also a voice artist, a mindset medicine practitioner at Longevity Wellness Clinic in Bradenton, consciousness researcher at Kerin School of Thought, and gamemaster at Sovereign Masters. She believes every human soul deserves to enjoy the journey of becoming, and that when you know the difference between the essence of universal flow and the structure of illusion, you become the unicorn version of yourself.
Elizabeth A Wilson


for the word and vibration of this work

"Original, full of vivid detail and moving anecdotes, this work deals with big questions in a grounded and authentic way. Both the process of disillusionment and that of forgiveness are convincing. The language is attractively lyrical, witty and economical… accomplished and imaginative. "

- Dermot Healy - Encore Award winning novelist and poet

“Wondrous and masterfully-assured. Fantastical, romantic, and piercingly satirical, a slice of literary heaven!”

- Scott Ciencin, New York Times bestselling author

"I am deeply impressed with the quality of work. Elizabeth is the personification of Grace and Beauty in every vibration of Presence. I give these teachings my highest recommendation."

- Dr. Cynthia Clark, AP ACN (FL, USA)

"This is a rollicking adventure that upends our expectations about being, skewering religion, business, and the banal trappings of modern life."

- Rob Griffith, award-winning author of The Moon from Every Window

"Lovely descriptions."

- Piers Anthony, New York Times Bestselling author

"Deeply embedded in timeless truths and the certain resurrection of yourself, Sovereign is a work of art that both engages your heart while feeding your brain, sure to send you down a path of healing and spirituality that you’ve yet to experience.

- Allie Demes, Entrepreneur (FL, USA)

"This changed everything about how I use my mind, shaping my thinking and setting my life off in a new direction."

- Jeff Guernsey, US Navy (CO, USA)

"I've now changed the abuse cycle in our family and helped light the path to true healing."

- Peggy Donnelly, VP of Operations (CO, USA)

"Holy balls!! I'm free."

- Megan Franasiak, Teacher (VA, USA)

"Journeying through Sovereign has been life changing beyond imagination, gifting undeniable growth, tangible liberations and a deep sense of sovereignty. I am so excited to see what else is to come, and experience new dizzying heights."

- Tina Barnes, Teacher (UK)

The Oasis

Monthly spiritual direction and vibrational uplift with elite ontologist Elizabeth A Wilson

The Library

Courses, Meditations and Materials on Consciousness, all gathered together for our elite Oasis students.

  • 1


    • This is the Traveller's Oasis

    • This is your Private Suite

  • 2

    Welcome to your resource library!

    • How to use your resources

  • 3

    Immersion Session Replays

  • 4

    The Healing Pools

    • Healing Pool 1: Relieve feelings of overwhelm

    • Healing Pool 2: Who Am I?

    • Healing Pool 3: A Refreshing Breath of Air

  • 5

    I AM TRUTH: A Spiritual Metamorphosis with The Energy Medicine Tool

    • Remembering: Return to Truth

    • Recognizing: Sorting out Truth from Story

    • Releasing: The Art of Choosing Story

    • Framework for The Energy Medicine Tool

  • 6

    HERO: The 5-Step Protocol for Dealing with Any Difficulty

    • Welcome to HERO

    • Session 1: How The Game Works

    • Session 2: Surrender and Ground

    • Session 3: Power Up

    • Session 4: Act

    • Session 5: Allow

  • 7

    ADVENTURER: An Immersion in the Metaphysics of Freedom

    • Session 1: How this Game Works

    • Session 2: Nature, Culture or Grace - which system do you belong to?

    • Session 3: Allies and Villains - How You Discern Intent

    • Session 4: The Miracle-Maker

    • Session 5: Your Devotion

  • 8

    I AM TRUTH: A Spiritual Metamorphosis with Reiki

    • Remembering - with Cho Ku Rei

    • Recognizing - with Sei He Ki

    • Releasing - with Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen

  • 9

    Vibrational Attunements and Meditations

    • A Blessing for Sovereign Poise

    • Invincible Indestructible: Power Words to Remind You

    • The River: Align with Flowstate

    • Magnificat: A Recognition of Personal Holiness

    • The Control Panel: Communicate with Cellular Consciousness

    • The Lavender Garden: A Story to Help You Sleep

    • IF by Rudyard Kipling: Simple Principles for Mastery

    • You Are Truly Royalty: A Love Song by King Solomon for You

    • Oils of Ancient Scripture: Travel Across the Desert to Christ

    • The Floating Man: Being Beyond Body

  • 10

    60 Minute Tutorials on Metaphysics

    • Energetic Discernment: Recalibrating Your Compass

    • Dealing With Overwhelm

    • Using Logic to Dissolve Self-Sabotage

    • The Mechanics of Forgiveness

    • The Model of Human Consciousness

    • Essential Oils for Spiritual Practitioners

    • Aftercare Considerations for Spiritual Upgrade

  • 11

    HERO: An Audio Journey

    • Preparing for this course

    • An introductory message from your instructor

    • Session 1: Surrender

    • AUDIO: A Soothing Lesson on the Metaphysics of Surrender

    • Session 2: Ground

    • AUDIO: An Easy Lesson on the Metaphysics of Grounding

    • JOURNAL: How To Ground into Your 3D Life

    • Session 3: Power Up

    • AUDIO: A Vital Lesson on the Metaphysics of Powering Up

    • JOURNAL: How to Use the Compass Analogy to Discover Your Super-Power

    • Session 4: Act

    • AUDIO: A Sober Lesson on the Metaphysics of Right Action

    • Session 5: Allow

    • AUDIO: An Encouraging Lesson on the Metaphysics of Allowing