Finally, a fast, brainy, logical AND transcendental life mastery & consciousness training program - with a Strategy that takes you there.

At the root of all human struggle is the illusion of separation, causing the fear, the bewilderment, the detachment, the false beliefs, upon which we blindly build our distorted Truths.

The secret to what you are yearning for, then, is Sovereignty; alignment of mind, body and spirit with the eternal sea of love - giving you yourself the sight and mind to Know your Truth. 

What makes all the difference.

We will never tell you how to do you. Instead, we will teach you how to figure out everything you need to know about your Self and your human experience.

We will walk you through the steps - either through private tutoring OR through our ONLINE COURSES where you get intensive training through immersive audio lectures, guided meditations and thought experiments.

Dive in. Breathe out.
Emerge as Truth.

Founded in ancient teachings, psychology and new thought, Kerin School teaches an adaptive spiritual and physical embodiment of consicous behavior occuring through the alchemy of enlightened experience - unlike anything you have ever seen in this field before. 

Our Coaching Programs

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Sovereign: A Course in Personal Mastery

A coaching experience  like no other. 

Get the full, personalised online course in Mastery, with private video call tutoring in ALL our subjects and modules, at 50% OFF!


Start your journey with a tailored course in Self-Awakening and Mastery, covering the first three modules of the Sovereign series.  $500


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Get personalised tutoring & train with the best. Save $250 when booking the 5-hr bundles, save $1200 when booking the complete Mastery Training Program!

  • $500.00

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  • $500.00

    I AM TRUTH: Sovereign pt.1

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  • $500.00

    HERO: The 5 Step Protocol

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  • $500.00

    GENIUS: How to Think

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    Single session

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  • $1,200.00

    Sovereign: A Course in Mastery

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Revel in the joys of Life through a Sovereign Consciousness.

Our teachings provide the gateway, but YOU are the key!

All our teachings are based on our innovative Sovereign Strategy, a step-by-step plan for transcendental embodiment of the enlightened and acutely aware consciousness-psyche, commanding the Presence in your life that will deliver what you are aching for - no matter what you presently think that is. 

As the first in its kind, our Strategy, rooted in our innovative, appraised model of Human Consciousness, takes you out of Seeking and into Being in record time.

If you want to experience breakthroughs of epic proportions in a matter of hours, then you've got it. 


Meet your coach, Elizabeth A Wilson.

Philosopher, Life Strategist & Founder of KSH

Elizabeth A Wilson

Binding the metaphysical, emotional and cerebral energy fields together in her industry acclaimed teachings, Elizabeth directs the willing student from SEEKING into BEING. As such she is a sought-after personal coach for students of life claiming practical world mastery, devotion and surrender. Elizabeth is a cousin of our namesake St Dorothy Kerin, and the owner and co-founder of Kerin School of Thought. She began her career in program design with a degree in Criminology & Journalism almost two decades ago. Her mastery of language and story-telling and her specialism in ontological philosophy, coupled with an extraordinary ability to comprehend client needs, means she is perfectly ordained to design and implement meaningful healing programs that bring lasting transformation in the quantum field. As such she is a sought-after personal coach for students of life claiming practical world mastery, devotion and surrender. Through easy-to-digest metaphysics, mysticism and laws of mind, the comprehension of which can initiate profound healing, Elizabeth uses energetic attunements to guide her students' consciousness and ignite quantum leaps of awareness. "Ah! Aha!" is the most commonly heard student feedback. A Reiki Master Teacher, Elizabeth is best known for her silken English voice, with which she gracefully coaches clients through a systematic approach to healing and enlightened living. With her own story of spectacular failure, outrageous risk and profound victories of righteousness and faith Elizabeth has personally lived and tested every principle and practice taught in her work. Consistently initiating and facilitating life-changing transformation, she proves that the human journey, even in its rich diversity, is a universal coming-of-age story. Metacognitive practices, simple energy attunements and essential oils all play a part as Elizabeth creates healing programs as multi-sensory experiences of learning so you emerge from a pattern story and into a loving dance with life. Elizabeth is now based in Sarasota, FL where she lives a life of rich love with her daughters and husband.

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