Enhance your healing experience with Quantum Technology! 

Every single one of your inner projects can be deeply enhanced with quantum technology.

The traditional methods of healing are changing rapidly: new technologies are constantly developed as we uncover more about the human consciousness and the possibility for remote energy healing and quantum adjustment. Software exists that adds fuel to your practice, like pushing the booster button. 

Can you imagine if your will to live could be enhanced, or your childhood traumas and generational paradigms could be attuned with a few clicks of a button? Can you imagine your yoga practice reaching even deeper levels of cellular transformation, or your remote reiki work having faster effects on your clients? What if you could enhance the energetic field of abundance and integrity surrounding your new project? Or clarify and purify your communication?

It’s possible! 

This non-invasive quantum technology-based healing method is safe, gentle, calming and nurturing and works remotely while you do life. 

Our skilled team of quantum healers are trained in the formulation of frameworks for optimal healing and manifesting. We expertly design and encode an automatic transmission of highly accurate healing frequencies using the innovative SRC4U software, tailored to your needs – you just sit back and receive continuous remote energy work!  

Here's how it works...

  • We spend 15 minutes on a video call with you to hear your own words describe your intention and your desired outcome.

  • We then run your energy field on an excellent quantum technology software called SRC4U, which will reveal possible influencing paradigms and environmental triggers.

  • We program these into the software, which will send the equivalent frequencies directly into your energy field.

  • We email you the software's findings once a month and you will have the opportunity to adjust your intention as your desires unfold and you enjoy the surprising benefits of this quantum boost.

Initiate Quantum Enhancement today!

Yes, I would like to receive ongoing, personalised energetic support for my well-being!

But how can this be?

Your cellular consciousness is a data field that is connected to a collective network. This data informs energetic expression, which is why your paradigms govern your mindset and your mindset governs your feelings, and your feelings govern your experience. 

Reprogramming the data is known as quantum healing. Repeating affirmations or working neurolinguistic programming are examples of this - though this kind of traditional brain engineering takes significantly longer than the software we use.

Energy healers work predominantly in your energy field, while quantum healers work in the data field. We use a quantum healing software programmed with proprietary technology to direct new information into your cellular consciousness, such as:

“Cleanse and purify all fields of intention associated with this project.”

“Enhance will to live to 100%.”

“Enhance field of abundance and prosperity surrounding my products.”

“Transform all frequencies of guilt into frequencies of gratitude.”

"I know who I am, I know what I am, I know how I serve."

{insert your specific needs here…}

This particular Quantum technology was designed to transmit energetic frequencies applying to a vast array of personal settings. We have a list of areas for you to choose from, including life purpose, prosperity and clairvoyance. 

The program will even use a number of healing modalities where needed, such as Holy Fire Reiki. 

Expertly formulated therapeutic instruction by our healers, informed by decades of consciousness study and professional experience within a wide range of traditional and modern human belief systems, this automation will significantly speed up and enhance all therapy solutions regardless of the issue.


All you need to do is provide us with a detailed description of your intention. Continue with your existing energy work, and watch as your results magnify! 

We will check in with you monthly via email and you will be able to adjust your needs as your healing evolves.

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What our clients say

'I feel untouchable'


Whatever you’ve done for me is lovely. I feel a bubble around me that stops the negativity from people, especially those I don’t know and who don’t know me. It’s such a beautiful feeling knowing they can’t harm me and they can’t get in my head. I feel untouchable. Lolololol. Thank you SO MUCH for this gift.


Mandy Handley

It was intense. Major. Kind of felt like an Ayahuasca journey. I haven’t had a meditation like that in a while with the body shaking upgrade stuff. Amazing :)

'Energy boost!!'

Linn A., Norway

Shortly after my program started I felt this incredible surge of energy, a passion and lust for life and pure sense of JOY that filled my every thought and feeling. It was incredible! The program had been running a Holy Fire Reiki session at that exact time… Literally worked like a charm! - Linn

Initiate Quantum Enhancement today!

Yes, I would like to receive ongoing, tailored energetic support for my well-being on a monthly basis!

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