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Do you ever feel overwhelmed by life... afloat in an ocean of never-ending healing tactics, therapies, do's and dont's, diets and trends? 

Sink into the Healing Pools and discover a Strategy that will show you The Way.

Our goal-oriented teachings provide an extensive insight into the easily acquired skills that will enable you to master your experience and heal your life.

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  • In THE FIRST POOL, take the first step toward becoming Sovereign, fully healed and healing. Includes MP3 download of The Floating Man: A guided thought experiment for withdrawing identity from the external world and focusing on signals originating from within. (12:28)

  • In THE SECOND POOL, take the second step towards permanent change by recognizing what truly heals: the immensely transformational power of the Creating Energy of All Things - LOVE. Includes a guided transcendental meditation on Self Love and Reconnection. (11:30)

  • IN THE THIRD POOL, take the third, most powerful step into your new life with this evocative parable of your human consciousness. In this experience you'll ignite a new, empowering perspective and take the reigns on the beginning of a completely new journey into your Sovereign life. (9:44)

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Hi! I am Elizabeth.

Over the years of my career and life experience I've taught thousands of perspectives and healing tactics that have helped my clients transform their lives.  

However, what I've found to be most effective for PERMANENT change is not in any one tactic or practice or "secret" trick...'s direction. 

Healing needs direction in order to lead into a fuller and truer life, which is why the healing strategy I have developed starts with a comprehension of the puzzle that is your life and your Self. 

Unraveling that puzzle and simplifying your understanding of yourself is what brings the clarity to know where you're going. 

What this strategy offers is the HOW. It is a Way of Being, a lifestyle that interrupts the endless seeking and allows an embodiment of who you truly are. 

Although I still teach methods for healing, my priority now is to train my students for mastery.

I want YOU to hold the strategy for the independent and Sovereign living of your life so you can boldly go into the unknown with the only map and compass you'll ever need: TRUTH.

"I created the life strategy Sovereign to empower my students to live meaningfully towards a fuller experience of peace, poise, truth and love." 


In this immersive experience you will be guided through higher and lower brain frequencies that link to form coherent harmonics. 

This is attuning you to the first important building blocks of healing and mastery. 

Then you will be ready to embark on the journey of your lifetime - the steady and meaningful realization of YOU. 

I hope you enjoy your experience!

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