Kerin School of Thought was formed to develop practical ontological frameworks for maintaining an enlightened state of being. A decade of research, rather radical experiments, and the courage to bring a new philosophical discipline to the table, have resulted in a system of understanding called vibrational ontology. The result for the student practitioner is a life experience of Grace that transcends the world: to be in the world, but not of it.

Named after Saint Dorothy Kerin, our mission is to help the world know only Truth. We believe every human soul deserves to enjoy the inevitable experience of becoming, and our work is to create the frameworks for mental, emotional and behavioral sovereignty that allow this process to unfold on the path of least resistance. 


We contribute to the development of human consciousness research by sharing our findings on global interfaith platforms. Primary and secondary research is done in collaboration with an intimate group of research apprentices, and disseminated through our publishing department. 


Our work informs a structured curriculum of vibrational ontology, called Sovereign. This cosmological interpretation is not religious, though every principle can be recognized by readers of scripture. The result of our research forms as a cohesive and easy-to-understand devotional alchemy of teachings descended from Western philosophy, Abrahamic interpretations of theology, and Eastern interpretations of the energy body.  Our founders, Elizabeth A Wilson and Sylvia R Rønneberg are cousins of the Anglican stigmatist Dorothy Kerin, and are honored to continue her legacy of devotion in the game of Life. 

"Although I belong to the Church of England, I recognize no denomination in healing." - Dorothy Kerin

The Main Outcome

of the Sovereign Way of Enlightenment


    There's no point trying to win a game of Chess if you're playing with Monopoly pieces. With the Sovereign arrangement of vibrational ontology students learn how to map out exactly how their game of life works and what the rules are for a graceful play.


    Students of the work enjoy the crystal clear remembering of who they are and how they have come to wear the crowns and capes they bear. With this clarity they can quickly release redundant identities using focused energy work and move through the chapters of life with great confidence and power.


    Students embody protocols of mind for dealing with the sacred challenges life brings you: the snakes on the board game, the dragon in the cave of treasures, the demon in the darkest underworld of your life. Students know how to transform these into opportunities and make the highest decisions with the greatest confidence.

Our Name

The legend of St. Dorothy Kerin

Dorothy Kerin was a Christian saint who in 1912 had a remarkable near death experience (she was pulseless for eight minutes!) before suddenly waking up fully healed after ten years of being bedridden with tuberculosis. She began a worldwide healing ministry and was responsible for countless miracle healings, although she gave all the glory to God. These days those types of healings are known as "unexplained spontaneous remissions".

Many books have been written on this fascinating teacher of devotion and presence, and all accounts describe the hallmark of her life as the courageous willingness to live entirely by faith in a surrender to Truth in any moment. 

Dorothy Kerin was a cousin of both Elizabeth A Wilson and Sylvia R Swann, the two founding members of Kerin School of Thought. We continue her legacy of teaching faith and allowing by training you in the methods of the Sovereign way of being. 

"The vast multitude build up a barrier between the seen and the unseen, between spiritual beauty and themselves, by worldy lives and foolishness. As soon as this barrier is broken down there will be a great inrush of spiritual beauty and glory... I believe that we are on the threshold of a great revelation. Man is about to have a great awakening."

- Dorothy Kerin