Welcome to Kerin School of Thought

We are the choice life trainers for the newly enlightened soul.

We make innovative road maps for approaching life and teach you how to use them to guide you deeper into your mysterious life of miracle, magic and peace. 

Our ontological curriculum for life mastery, Sovereign, is delivered in the form of multisensory online courses and private coaching. 

At Kerin School of Thought all our enlightenment training is done by demonstration. This is an ancient form of teaching - we deliver concept and frequency, which you either accept and embody - or reject, forgive and release - in line with what is the highest and best for you.

This is psycho-pneuma-somatic attunement. 

The method doesn't require intense study, years of practice or a squeaky clean lifestyle. We can't interfere with your free will. All you need is a set of headphones, a journal and pen, a small collection of essential oils, and willingness to lean into a life of enlightened peace. 



The branch of philosophy relating to being,
particularly becoming, the nature of reality, and the meaning 
of existence.



The capacity for growth and continual change preceding death



Comprehensive knowledge or skill in a particular practice



Having the highest power, of being completely independent


Across the ages enlightened Ones have taught the simplicity of perfect sovereignty. Masters have demonstrated poise and healers have performed acts of miraculous manifestation...

But what about little us? The normal everyday mortals with stuff going on all the time. Is it a grand and delusional fantasy to think that we can achieve a state of calm, enlightened presence? 

Well, as it goes, you already have experience of it so you're not even starting from scratch.

You sure do have experience of perfect enlightenment in your life. Those moments of pure clarity, a peaceful acceptance of all things just as they are. A quiet and humble joy, knowing that all is as it should be in this endless sea of creation. Moments when you have quietly watched the world move and sway around you and you’ve known that you weren’t thinking about anything at all. 

This was a moment of poise, of sovereignty, where there was nothing manifest preventing a full and wide awake experience of what you were perceiving in that very moment. Nothing at all in the way of the flow of divine consciousness… “Here I am.” 

Where were you? Walking in the woods? Sitting on the toilet? Standing at a waterfall? Looking into the eyes of your baby? It doesn’t matter – what matters is that you do in fact know what it feels like.

You also know what it feels like to slip back out of those moments and back into the frantic, rigid and constant effort of engaging with the physical structure. The humans, the events, the thought systems, the energy fields, the books, the articles, the outrage, the movement, all commanding that you choose a standpoint in relation to them and create a persona out of all those standpoints so the world can manifest itself in response to you. The sheer life-draining exhaustion of living lost among the manifest things is so intense that nobody has survived it yet. When we notice how tangled up we’ve become in the deafening noise of structure, those moments of pure enlightenment can feel so far away, bittersweet memories of an unreachable state.

“Those were the days when we had it good.”

Sometimes we even reach back for them through physical structure, erroneously trying to recreate the circumstances when we last experienced peace. Travelling back to the place, or getting married again, or changing our clothes – just chasing the dragon. It can certainly help to do these things, as you can experience a shift in your energy field which may lead you to a new state of mind, but it is never quite enough to just seek improvement through circumstances. We can get very good at doing this, mastering the art of feeling better by making changes – but the truth is we will always then be interwoven with the physical world, and as it shifts, we will too.

There is nothing wrong with living this kind of experience. But for One who is choosing a life of peace, one step deeper into perfect presence is by practicing Sovereignty. This is the art of poise, of calmly and neutrally overseeing the activity of the mind, the flow of the energy field, the voice making the decisions, the emotions manifesting in the body, the persona showing up in relationships – and gently choosing anew from a loving, wise and conscious vantage point.

In the world, but not of it.

It takes certain tools to begin with, and a whole lot of practice while we build up the discipline to live as loving presence. 

...That's where we come in. 

Our curriculum Sovereign is the map you follow so each step you take into your life is intentional and empowering. 

Each of our programs are tools that you'll take with you on your journey.


  • We have tools for releasing the structures that make us choose in reaction to the world.

    (Did you know fears, judgments and paradigms that prevent the graceful flow of universal consciousness can all be shifted out of your experience, taking their monstrous manifestations with them? It's True.)

  • We have tools for dealing with any difficulty.

  • We have tools for powering up your highest thinking faculties and honing your vibration.

  • We even have tools for learning the art of surrender, the deepest service and devotion to your own life. 

When you use these tools alongside your Sovereign map, you experience an unfolding and embodiment beyond measure.

Living life as an awakened presence is no small undertaking, but it is very possible and in fact you are already partaking in the allowing of this new human consciousness simply by the fact that you're here. 

You’ve set an intention and a desire - the next step is to leap.


Get down to business with our innovative private coaching courses, or try our mini online courses

Our Secret

The reason our programs are so effective is because they all incorporate the different layers of your being: your consciousness, your energy field and your body.

  • Metacognition

    With metacognition – the art of thinking about thinking – we can consciously guide our thought systems into revitalizing and empowering patterns. Thought experiments, thought techniques and meditation help rewire the brain and perspective.

  • Energy Work

    With simple energy work we can attune our biofields, transform emotional frequencies and refine our point of attraction. We can discern energetic frequencies with the precision of a harp player. We can calibrate our inner compass with one breath.

  • Essential oils

    With essential oils – the remarkable life force and consciousness of our botanical cousins - we can help transition the brain chemistry, the blood chemistry, the subtle energy body, and our environment into a frequency that supports our intention to relax deeper and deeper into the Kingdom of Heaven – the peaceful bliss of here and now.

Why we do it.

The world is changing. Life as we know it is changing. You are changing.

We're here on purpose. Our evolution has brought us from alive as an animalistic, survival-driven and fear-based consciousness to one of much more understanding, compassion, benevolence and love. 

Our existence is shifting, and that’s not an accident. The shudder goes through us like a wave as we shift in our entire way of being, from cellular vibration to entire macro-communities and global paradigm. 

It is different than it was because we know more, and for the first time we know unequivocally that we want to know what is good and what is true. We have chosen love.

A consequence of this choice is that we reveal what we don’t want.

We begin to see the darkness that was always there, and we expose horrors and inappropriate ways of being. And that is frightening. We see it in our minds, we see it in our energy fields, we see it in our bodies, we see it in our relationships, in our politics, in our celebrities and media, in our environment. And it’s ugly. That’s how a detox works.

But it is safe. And that safety, or salvation, lies in the fact that we have the choice of mastery as a practice for when we meet the edges of what we know

That sovereignty to choose love in every thought, every feeling, and every choice and to align in love with the highest and best good for all as we walk together towards a way of being that excludes the need to inflict suffering on oneself or another.

It’s difficult, for sure. It’s very difficult. There are forces in the environment and in our genetics that interfere with the harmony of our soul song. The false note that happens when you know what you really want, and what you really believe, but you choose differently because of some fear of some thing. It feels deep, and big, and insurmountable.

That’s a perfectly safe and normal part of life. When you walk in the rain, you’ll get wet – and when you live in a turbulent world full of the detoxing of ancient darkness, you’re going to feel that too. 

There is mastery in knowing that it’s safe. 

There is mastery in profound accountability for the living of your life, including the immediate forgiveness of every false step you take. 

There is mastery in outrageous compassion for yourself and even for the enemy, whatever that is to you. 

And when a master faces a difficulty, he and she reaches for the toolbox and applies what is needed to maintain that way of being throughout the times of trouble. And the master demonstrates this practice and the peace that results, and others follow. The world needs more of this. The world needs you. 

So we are honored and very pleased to be the choice training providers for nascent life masters. 

We are blessed to be able to offer a practice of a path of perfect union of wisdom and method. Sovereign is such a path, an education in knowledge and comprehension of who you are and how you serve, with the craftmanship of tools for the experience of life.

Are you ready to be a part of the revolution in human consciousness?


I Am Ready

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Our Name

The legend of St. Dorothy Kerin

Dorothy Kerin was a Christian saint who in 1912 had a remarkable near death experience (she was pulseless for eight minutes!) before suddenly waking up fully healed after ten years of being bedridden with tuberculosis. She began a worldwide healing ministry and was responsible for countless miracle healings, although she gave all the glory to God. These days those types of healings are known as "unexplained spontaneous remissions".

Many books have been written on this fascinating teacher of devotion and presence, and all accounts describe the hallmark of her life as the courageous willingness to live entirely by faith in a surrender to Truth in any moment. 

Dorothy Kerin was a cousin of both Elizabeth A Wilson and Sylvia R Swann, the two founding members of Kerin School of Healing. We continue her legacy of teaching faith and allowing by training you in the methods of the Sovereign way of being. 

"The vast multitude build up a barrier between the seen and the unseen, between spiritual beauty and themselves, by worldy lives and foolishness. As soon as this barrier is broken down there will be a great inrush of spiritual beauty and glory... I believe that we are on the threshold of a great revelation. Man is about to have a great awakening."

- Dorothy Kerin