Hello! My name is Elizabeth. It means Oath of God. 

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I am part of a generation of spiritual savants known as Indigo Children. We were born to accelerate the collective consciousness shift known historically as the apocalypse. There are millions and millions of us, and you are among us. They began calling us Indigo Children back in the 1970’s. It's a concept coined by Nancy Ann Tappe and then swiftly rubber-stamped as pseudoscience. It was the description of an idea amongst spiritual thought leaders and mystics that a vibrational shift in the world's energy grid would mean incarnations would occur into a certain frequency, and a more enlightened consciousness would be possible. 

The term Indigo Children was picked up and used in mainstream psychology to describe children with unusual abilities and characteristics, on one spectrum or another, and most of us, diagnosed with being unusual or not, ended up rebelling.  

Call us what you will, we are a generation of genius souls born to bring a weight of awareness, and we are now at the verge of inheriting the leadership of humanity as the old ways fall and return to Loving Source. We are the great remembering, we are savants of the spirit. Our mission, which beats a steady battle-march in the pulse of our knowing, is to help people remember Love. We're feeling the urgency, a tremendous impetus to speak and act now for the sake of the world. We are changing our minds, our habits, our behaviors and our vision - and I assure you it is working. You're a big part of it.

My job in the Game is to help you realize more pieces of the puzzle, to unlock deeper mysteries, expand your capacity of consciousness, elevate your vibrational point of attraction, and reveal hitherto hidden solutions in the Game of Life. I'm your spiritual maintenance chick. I do this by coaching you in the ways of mastery, and I share transmissions of Love on my YouTube channel (scroll down for delectable treats.) 

I learned the craft on a complicated journey through mysterious landscapes, the same way you picked up your superpower. 

I first realized God when I was three. It's my earliest memory. Crawling up the stairs in our little house in Kongsberg, Norway, I suddenly discovered that I was thinking, and then I realized that I was the one realizing I was thinking. And that's when I realized who that "I" really was, and it wasn't "me". So Thought became my first superpower, and my Life's journey became the tricky task of embodying that realization. Over the years I crossed terrains like identity crises, anxiety, alcoholism and even homelessness as every challenge became an opportunity to practice holding faith and surrendering to the unknown. I learned how to quantum leap into a flow of synchronicity and Grace. 

Thus I’ve come to formulate a unique interpretation of Life that has helped many realize their faith. This gives them access to a unique system of being that transcends the worldly ways, and they become the unicorn versions of themselves. My clients are also Indigo Children, and they are all over the world doing their work to clean up the mess and birth the new world. It’s worth being hopeful, because we’re nailing it. 

You're doing a very good job, and your results are accelerating. I'm here when you need a fine-tuning. 

Sovereign is the name of a life curriculum formulated to provide the wisdom and framework necessary for safely walking a path of ascending consciousness. The core  outcome is the mastery of maintaining graceful awareness and excellent vibrational poise in all circumstances. The results of magic and miracle that follow are ineffable. Sovereign consists of 8 core masteries, and each is embodied through vibrational ontology in a Game of Enlightenment. I speak on any of these eight areas of expertise:

The launch of every human’s awakening is the stirring of remembrance that a bigger Truth is waiting on the other side of the veil. We begin the quest to truly know who we are, to embody the delicious mystery and magic of KNOWING. Vibrational Ontology is a little-known method for maintaining enlightened state - the remembering - and it is simple. To show you how it works, I explore the teachings of mystics Paul Selig, Joseph Campbell and Richard Rohr, and the scientific tests of Sir David Hawkins. I compare teachings across comparative religions and pagan thought, dip into quantum mechanics and bring it all back to the Sovereign Model of Human Consciousness which weaves the vast body of spiritual teaching into one simple-to-understand visual that revolutionizes your understanding of Truth.

One of the side effects of knowing Truth is that we begin to expose what’s not. The craft of energetic discernment is crucial to self-realization. It sifts and sorts through the stories and narratives that hold certain vibrational realities stitched to our experience like an old rag wafting in the winds of turbulence and keeping our attention off Truth. These stories are like the Exuvia of a nymph about to become a Dragonfly, they must be recognized and softened or emergence cannot occur. I describe the art and craft of discernment and how to sort Truth from Falsehood, personality from soul, structure from essence.

Someone who has mastered the art of recognizing story, trauma, error and falsehood, needs to be able to choose whether to hold on or release. Now, although forgiveness can be tremendously painful and difficult, it is easy peasy if you know how to use a particular frequency of energy often known as Mercy. I talk about the mechanics of forgiveness, the relationship between the mystical aspect of release and the biological/functional process of reprogramming DNA. I draw on scientific and religious works to underscore the message, and we provide deep understanding of the experience and intimacy of true forgiveness and atonement. I also describe the Rapid Release Method, an energy alchemy consisting of a three step protocol that anyone can do.

Once the personal healing is realized and the raw wounds of old are scarred over and worn with humble pride, the human traveller of Life can begin to expand. This is a psycho-pneuma-somatic re-arrangement of the contours of your being, and the coordinates of your way of being to increase your capacity for the challenges Life brings. I explore the phenomenon of overwhelm and expose it for what it really is, and explain the 5-Step Protocol that acts as a life jacket for your mindset when you become a victim to the thundering flow of expansion.

When a human on a quest into themselves becomes accustomed to rapid expansion and quantum leaps, you can really begin to sharpen your faculties. I describe the relationship between the genius mind and a life of luscious, loving abundance, and prove that genius is a state of mind anyone can enjoy regardless of IQ.A human traveller delights in the discovery of alchemy and their ability to energetically manipulate vibration and form. We explore the use of energy work to heal what’s broken, replace what’s stolen, transform anger into peace and chaos into order. We discuss a master protocol that aligns energy work with highest intention and makes possible the safe use of magic for the purpose of enlightening the world. 

Once the sojourner has mastered the optimal use of their avatar, they must liberate themselves from all worldly systems and learn the way of Grace. This is an advanced mastery of discernment and outrageous faith that leads beyond the third dimensional veil and into the Kingdom of Heaven. The process is terrifying, because we just spent our entire lives learning how to relate to natural and cultural systems, and being without them requires an unshakable knowing of one’s abundant provision. We discuss the mystery of God’s limitless supply and share a few life-changing practices for accessing flowstate. 

Why? Why do we dedicate our lives to the quest for Truth and the embodiment of Love? What happens next? I discuss the threshold when the journey to the Kingdom of Heaven ends and the journey within it begins. I examine the concept of service and discipleship, the delight of true altruism and the fulfillment of extending your real magic to the world. It sounds like a walk in the Garden of Eden, but there are ominous plots afoot. I discuss the forces that are designed to halt the increasing flow of goodness infusing into the world, and what to do about them.

My family lost everything very quickly. All our material wealth vanished - sometimes gently without us knowing, and sometimes brutally, like when a city bus totalled our car. After a hurricane destroyed our income we decided to conduct an extreme life experiment in surrender and risked everything on a chocolate business. It tanked, so we ended up living in a derelict barn with broken windows and doors that were held together with bungee rope - the only thing between us and the bears that would scavenge the junk pile at night. The wild storms that shook the walls let us know we were at the mercy of nature, and gave us even more practice in using a supernatural frequency known as Grace to keep us safe. We mastered this so well the universe led us to an even harder boot camp, living far out in the Colorado wilderness, in the habitat of mountain lions, packs of coyote and harsh and brutal lands under the rugged weathers of nature’s breath - separated from nature only by a sheet of canvas. It was here we wrote our methods down. Enter through the portal below to see the photo album.

We stayed here until my mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, then we packed it all up and flew to England to support her. We started her on a holistic rehabilitation program including the mind-over-matter methods we had developed on our journey - and it worked - she came back from the void. We gained even more confidence and flew her with us to Sarasota, Florida to work with two doctors on trade - and the impact was incredible. Since and before then countless others have emulated my methods for embodiment of Christ Consciousness and have themselves realized the Truth about who they are. 

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