Rapid Release Method

The background and science of how it works

In 2014 my co-pilot Sylvia R Swann and I had just completed the comic fantasy novel Ascension Denied, a hilarious story about the afterlife. This piece of creative work culminated three years of contemplating the nature of essence and life, and as a result my understanding of the relationship between consciousness and life was beginning to form. 

I was about two years into my life mastery training and was teaching energy and consciousness according to the traditional models of early Science of Mind combined with modern law of attraction teachings, but hadn’t really experimented beyond manifesting car parking places, little token treasures, a higher income and an evening practice of meditations into Self.

I had recently heard for the first time, in a talk given by Kryon via Lee Carroll, that it is possible to change the DNA and drop karmic cycles encoded in the genetics. These cycles are generational and it is well known that lives follow patterns passed down family lineage and even throughout entire cultures. The idea that karma is a cellular phenomenon absolutely enthralled me and so did the implications this would mean for life mastery. But I had no way of understanding what on Earth kind of method could be used for such a thing, and no practical tools I could find beyond philosophy and the very superficial level of law of attraction teachings involving vision boards and gratitude lists. I moved on and focused on story-telling as a tool for learning and teaching about the mystery of life.

Later that year I was giving a presentation at a holistic wellness event in Sarasota, Florida, and I got chatting with Dr. Cynthia Clark who was also presenting there. She demonstrated muscle-testing, and shortly after I went to see her about the allergies I had been chronically suffering with for almost a decade. I had been allergy free my whole life, until I’d met my husband in 2008 when a serious period of perennial rhinitis kicked in, and for the next seven years I couldn’t breathe properly, my head would throb for the majority of the day, I was sneezing incessantly and couldn’t sustain any yoga or breathing practice. I was in daily pain, and any airborne irritant would set it off for hours.

Dr Cynthia did a series of muscle-testing. We eliminated foods and used a regime of plant medicine to detox the organs and blood. The allergies lessened, and I could breathe fine, and go a day or two at a time without even sneezing once. For two months I was clear – until my husband became sick with a horrible bug and something clicked – I had an acute allergy attack beyond anything I’ve experienced, I thought I was dying and my head was set to explode. I called Dr. Cynthia and through a short process of discussion, we identified that while I had been allergy-free my entire childhood, I’d been  watching my mother struggle with her hayfever all along.

An error code had formed: “Mother has allergies”. I now understand this to be a piece of data that instructs the cells to switch on a gene when certain conditions are met, a phenomenon known as epigenetics. When I met my husband in 2008 the Knowing that this was my mate for life was the condition required, or “trigger” that switched my genes into mother mode – and on came the allergies. So when I eliminated stressors and  detoxed the body, the allergy symptoms went away, but the gene didn’t. I still had “Mother-has-allergies” written in the DNA, so when Matt got sick Mother mode clicked in. 

I remembered the talk by Kryon introducing the concept into my mind that DNA could change, so I asked Dr. Cynthia for a method from her expertise in Chinese medicine to access and address genetic data. She taught me a method from the Nei Gong school of energy medicine that involved erasing the thought of mother with allergies with focused imagination and a tapping technique. Within a week the allergies were gone. They never came back. The pain, restricted breathing, and head fog never returned, despite pollution, pollen, dust, stress – no environmental influencers ever triggered a reaction again. 

I was absolutely astonished. I had rewritten my DNA. 

At the same time as I was studying the methods of my energy teacher, Dr. Cynthia, I met my first wisdom teacher, Elizabeth Thompson. Her philosophy and methods for studying identity and mind plunged me into a deep love for observing our infinite ability to create story – and believe it. I watched in fascination as I observed my life moving around stories I had always told myself. I trained myself in sovereign observation while I studied my teachers and deepened my understanding of consciousness. During this time my husband Matthew A Wilson, a certified practitioner of the personality assessment tool MBTI, worked with me and Sylvia to explore the constructs of Ego and the identity interface we use to navigate the streams of life. This work became an important aspect of what emerged later as the Rapid Release Method. 

I had the opportunity to work briefly with Dr. Peter Cook, the first neuroscientist to train a non-human mammal to keep a beat. I began to understand the fallacy in much of modern thought teachings and that given the physical and energetic nature of the brain, neuro-elasticity is not nearly malleable enough for affirmations alone to have a rapid effect. It would take years and years of daily discipline to entrain a new thought pattern using thoughts alone. 

Experimenting with combining neurolinguistics with the tapping tool I found that the combination of movement and intention could bypass the rigidity of mental structures, a sort of spiritual physical integration. As I continued my observation of my experience and noticed more and more symptoms of paradigm and patterns in thought and feeling that gave me suffering, I shifted them in the moment by instructing the cells to release and allow the highest and best alternative. The results were instant and life expanded exponentially when I was no longer distracted by negativity. 

This was my entry point into the world of Quantum Cognition, a discipline of psychology and decision science that has already created ripples in classical thinking about the human mind. Continued sparring and thought experiment between myself and many colleagues across multiple modalities deepened my understanding.

I began to understand my genetics as a control panel, and I was flicking switches to explore deeper in the layers of false identity. I integrated tapping into my teachings and personal regime, and for the next two years experimented with consciously altering cellular consciousness, watching and cataloging the results. We discovered essential oils when my daughter Olivia developed a stammer, night terrors and confusion. Therapeutic grade lemon essential oil aligned scattered energies in her system and gave us a key to quickly and efficiently using plant consciousness to unify the mind, energy field and body chemistry. Sylvia and I began deep study in the relationship between essential oils and trauma. 

Three pieces of the puzzle had been revealed – identity, energy work and neurolinguistics, but I didn’t yet know how they could be woven together to erase intergenerational karmic cycles in the DNA. They were still pouring into my life, although I now had the tools to deal with them gracefully as they arose.

This video was created in preparation for the first public seminar on Rapid Release Method, delivered in Stockholm in November 2019. The video explains the interconnection between thought, feeling and body and why the Rapid Release Method works.

At this stage Matt and I were beginning the greatest experiment of our life so far – testing to what level is it true that the life we engage with is the same substance as infinite abundance and that I can call on my every need regardless of what I’m “doing” in the third dimension. This is a practice of surrender and allowing the flow of grace through life, and so acute presence is required. One can’t be distracted by trying to fix things. I realized my method of observing and neutralizing negative thoughts and feelings as they arose was working very well, but was a bit like whack-a-mole. It was the energetic version of the allergy detox – removing the symptoms but not the cause.

I studied the patterns in my life as I met obstacles on the way, from tiny and subtle whispers of doubt to enormous life challenges and trauma, and noticed a macro-pattern binding them all together. My years of understanding the human experience through story-telling had given me a wonderful training in identifying the Hero’s Journey, and here it was in full force. Each symptom in life, whether in thought, feeling, relationship, circumstance or even body was a sacred outpouring from the cellular consciousness onto the path of the Hero.  All belong together, individual notes in the harmony of your life’s melody, whether it’s a love song or a banshee’s wail. If you can find the underlying theme, then instead of tuning each note in each instrument in the orchestra, we could fundamentally change the song sheets.

So since I knew it was possible to instruct the cellular control panel, and possible to affect physical change in the body, and possible to imprint new thought patterns, it made complete sense to me that it should be possible to identify the original trauma or error code for a person’s unique journey of suffering and erase that as well. I developed the model of human consciousness as a stained glass window, where the creative essence of the sun on one side remains unbroken and pure, but when shone through the window would take on the colors and textures of the stories embedded in the glass and project that reality down onto the flagstone floor. I had been scrubbing the floor – relentlessly tapping out negative thoughts and feelings just as I had previously detoxed the body of allergens. It was time to change the glass.

But this isn’t like flicking a switch in the control panel. Original trauma codes are deep, and they’re embedded in every thought, feeling and choice. For most people they are also a fundamental part of their identity. I needed a much more integrated method than what I had previously used, or that game of whack-a-mole would never end.

The worlds of philosophy, identity, lineage, epigenetics, neurolinguistics and energy medicine began weaving themselves together into a remarkable tool for clearing karmic cycles from the DNA.

For such a tool to work, a few things would be necessary:

First, it would be necessary to practice sovereign observation to identify patterns without being triggered into an emotional engagement with them. So metacognition, the art of thinking about thinking, must be a part of the tool to identify the macro-patterns outpouring from consciousness into life. 

Second, to avoid a feedback loop between trigger, emotion, thought and feeling, it would be necessary to establish a link between those levels of being before attempting to heal the trauma, so I adapted a tool from cognitive behavioral psychology that I had long used to help

students change thought patterns. This logic tool integrates environmental triggers, the chemical stress response in the body, the mental response and the emotional response, in preparation for being released in one go.

Third, it would be necessary to use an energy medicine to alter the code in the DNA, and it needed to be able to deal with three fundamental laws of creation – desire, vision and knowing. In addition to essential oils, I also had a tool that I’d been using to help students shift emotional trauma, an energy medicine technique often used in psychotherapy. I adapted it to invoke the energy fields associated with creation to direct healing into cellular coding, while honoring the

realms of thought, feeling and molecule. 

This tool floods the cellular control panel and overrides every program related to the original trauma code, erasing the code entirely. It would also be necessary to seal the work so new experiences couldn’t form a similar trauma code in the future, so the tapping tool from my earlier years of teaching was adapted to reprogram anything affected by the change so the highest and best divine blueprint for each system is installed in its place.

I studied it, used it, taught it and refined it. The transformations reported were phenomenal. I don’t yet know if it’s possible to use the tool to arrive at a fully purified and whole state of consciousness, and I suspect there are greater mysteries at play in the providence of life – but suddenly we are clearing thousands of symptoms at once rather than one by one as entire networks of automatic response are simply dissolved and replaced by removing the data that would normally give a trigger something to flick.

This is the most practical and rapid method for the new age slogan, “Let go of what no longer serves.” It fundamentally pinpoints the false stories that arise from trauma and error and lifts them out of the genetic structure through which the creative essence flows. This is changing

the cathedral window, so the projection on the flagstone floor changes too. That initial surge of inspiration that I felt all those years ago when I was introduced to the idea that DNA could be changed had evolved into Truth, for me and my students.

This is the Rapid Release Method. It is a simple technique that has a robust and

meaningful background. It is a way to unravel trauma patterns and dissolve them from your life. 

What comes next is life mastery beyond what you could imagine otherwise. Life still brings challenges, but not suffering. Rather than avoiding, escaping, remembering, conquering, healing and forgiving the monsters of the past, life is now about a deeper engagement with the

true Hero’s Journey. This is where the Adventure begins.

With blessings and love for your journey,


Oath of God