Welcome to a deeply hopeful and graceful way of Life.

This is your calling:

It is now time to live openly and demonstrate your enlightened life mastery and heart's devotion.

We are collectively reconciling with Love and the vibrational environment is making this a rather pressing matter. It's no longer possible to "fake it". It's time to restore Truth.

The natural unfolding of ongoing enlightenment that follows is out of this world. Magic and miracle become the very fabric of your life's experience.

Every pinprick moment of humble, ordinary life deepens in Love. There is an inward expansion of richness you can never measure before you learn how to notice it. The simplest of moments in your life become an intimate experience, because you discover that the Truth isn't grand at all.

There is nothing spectacular about it, although it exists in the spectacular as it does in the humble. A speck of dust, a flash of light, a mushroom freshly popped out of the dirt. A tiny snail on a child's tiny fingernail, and a squeal of delight. The husband's silvering hairs. The smile wrinkles on the dear face in the mirror.

In the present, right here, is where the Truth whispers.

And so the Sovereign master awakened to this realization begins a journey to know only Truth and thus embody and express more and more love. You have chosen to express love because that is what you want to experience. 

You have chosen to live your life as someone who is becoming more enlightened day by day, baby step by baby step, leaning into God. You do not need a religion, but you may have one you adore. It may help you direct your devotion and creative intention. It may help you commune with the Beloved. 

But you are understanding that you are Sovereign in life. You are anointed as a unique and necessary perspective of God, and your personal journey is about embodying more and more of that knowing which means you need to craft your own Way. This is why it's been hard for you to fit in. Let me tell you - you have done an incredible job so far (a few foibles and follies aside) and it is time for you to learn the masteries that will take you further. 

That is what the Sovereign Way of Enlightenment is for.  

The Sovereign Way is a cosmology and philosophy outlining eight life masteries that must be embodied for a way of life that is safe, graceful, loving and expansive. 

There are millions of ways to live an enlightened Life, and you are crafting yours. If you would like to add Grace and Poise to your way of Being, then you will find these teachings to be a source of comfort, mastery and love. 

Ways to study:

Join a small and private community of high thinkers who study this way of enlightenment (follow the hummingbird.)

Or enter explore the teachings on your own in The Oasis Library.

Why Sovereign?

A beautifully simple and yet deeply hopeful worldview consisting of masterfully woven strands of thought and spiritual understanding. This way of interpreting Life allows the mastery of mind, energy and action for the purpose of living an enlightened life of service and devotion. The cosmology is arranged in a logical framework and supported with eight core life masteries arranged in a universal life strategy for meaningful and progressive personal growth.

  • An independent descendent of Abrahamic theology: One Source and Substance, One Mind, One Body.

  • An independent descendent of Whiteheadian process thought: the quantum universe is unfolding fractally, naturally, and we can participate gracefully.

  • An independent interpretation of reiki and energy work: the way of knowing.

  • An independent interpretation of our time: We are collectively reconciling with Love and the vibrational environment is making this a rather pressing matter. It's no longer possible to "fake it". It's time to restore Truth.

A mastery practice is a path of perfect union of wisdom and method.

Sovereign is a universe of understanding that makes sense of who you are and how you serve in a unified ecology of creativity. The result of embodying this worldview is an expanding space within and through you, and the filling of it with grace. It allows the forgiveness and release of who you were, and a peaceful expansion into the goodness of what you are becoming anyway.

The journey of a nascent master like you is unique, so it can't really be fully facilitated by any book or protocol that's come from the outside of the heart of the one treading the dirt. You are Sovereign, you see - the divine mind playing the game of Life. Your creative expansion happens anyway. The larvae will become a dragonfly.

Yet, as with all crafts, you can get very good at life mastery, and your becoming can be graceful, steady and loving. You are called to discover your life of Love, and to live it openly, using your unique superpower to lay the way-markers and pathways for others to cross on their own way home. You want to contribute to the evolution of humanity, liberating others to direct their creative energy into yet unknown frontiers of human potential. And you have your way to do it. You're a very specific Dragonfly.

Enjoy this lovely short story about your ascending mastery.

Are you becoming?

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