"A Love Story"

by Allie Demes, entrepreneur and teacher, SOVEREIGN 2019 (Florida, USA)

"Sovereign is both a blueprint for how to respond to life with clarity, purpose, and peace as much as it is a love story; the lover and the loved are played by the same character - you. Deeply embedded in timeless truths and the certain resurrection of yourself, Sovereign is a work of art that both engages your heart while feeding your brain. The prayers, methods, wisdom and essential oil suggestions are remarkable and sure to send you down a path of healing and spirituality that you’ve yet to experience. Read. Practice. Repeat. This won’t travel far from your toolkit and will be used time and time again."


by Moa Stridh, artist, DISCIPLE 2020 (Sweden)

I feel truly blessed having Elizabeth as a teaching, guide and mentor. She cane into my life when I malt needed her. She gives clear guidance and wisdom that feels so gentle at the same time so powerful and direct. After working with her I am now feeling more aligned with my truth, exited about the future and seeing more clear the steps I need to take. She showed me how my creative projects and dreams that I felt was chaotic and had hard time to put into place is really ALL connected.
I have found my way back to trust in life and it feels more and more ease to allow the magic into all areas of my life. So grateful for the loving support, seeing she truly cares about other people thriving and living to their fullest potential. I haven't fully understood how I am so lucky to have found someone like you to help me with my life's work.

"Life Changing Beyond Imagination"

by Tina Barnes, middle school teacher, SOVEREIGN 2020 (UK)

Have you ever wished that life came with an instruction manual? Well, now it does! Stop wishing, Kerin School of Healing's SOVEREIGN is it! It is simultaneously both deep and profound but beautifully obvious and simple (simple does not mean easy!)

Elizabeth's blood, sweat and tears of joy and challenge, her revelations and elevations are intrinsically woven into her teachings. She has lived and learned every second of this over her lifetime and condensed it into Sovereign, so we can spend a mere 12 weeks absorbing these breathtaking life lessons and moving forward masterfully with our own journey. What a gift, an abundant blessing that I am eternally grateful for. 

One of the greatest gifts in this course is Elizabeth's sensitive and empathic insight and loving guidance, gently encouraging and being an inspiring companion. She celebrates my revelations, achievements and growth with a shared sense of genuine pride, joy and gratitude. Seeing me deeply and holding this sacred space for bountiful expansion. 

I have peace and a renewed love for life and a future that is mine to define, not something that is simply happening to me. I have shed repetitive negative patterns of behaviour and thought that do not serve me and now embody a deep sense of sovereignty with trust and pride in who I am and can be. I'm now confident in my ability to lovingly welcome whatever life presents me. I see them as opportunities to practise being the highest and best form of myself, learning and incorporating these teachings to continue my journey onwards, upwards and inwards. 

Journeying with Elizabeth has been life changing beyond imagination, gifting undeniable growth, tangible liberations and a deep sense of sovereignty. I am so excited to see what else is to come and experience new dizzying heights with a dear friend at my side cheering me on.

"I'm Walking With More Clarity"

by Orly Shamir, social media influencer, SOVEREIGN 2020 (Florida, USA)

"As a sovereign student. I can sincerely, wholeheartedly and from the bottom of my soul tell you that going through the process with Elizabeth is changing my life. I’ve always had so much to bring out but without the proper guidance it was stuck in there, not always hidden but I could just not do it on my own. Going through this process has been healing, enlightening, and now I’m walking more clarity, more knowing, more understanding on how to align with my soul‘s purpose and mission." 


by Megan Franasiak, teacher, I AM TRUTH 2019 (MI, USA)

Holy balls!! I'm free. Free from expectation free from judgment both mine and others. Free from limitation. Free from uncertainty and free from all the stuff that fogs my truth and now there is only crystal clear truth. I’m Opened to everything. My truth can’t be touched or distorted by others it will only shine at it’s brightest. I am and will always be my truth and I am and will always be exactly who, where and what I am because that is all there is. Love and truth and light. You’re pure magic. I’m in complete and utter awe.


"I Have Forgiven, I AM Forgiven."

by Kelliann Denney, merchandiser, I AM TRUTH 2019 (CO, USA)

"I am writing this to tell a short story how three movements for three minutes changed my life… I started working through my trauma with Elizabeth about four months ago and was not familiar with any of the techniques I now practice daily. After hearing my origin story, my goals, and my roadblocks, she created a healing path suited and personalized for ME... What a relief and miracle, to have access to learn techniques that will help me find release, peace and forgiveness.

I started in July and learned the Rapid Release method in I AM TRUTH, incorporating it into my life morning and night. At first, my body and mind pushed back: This isn’t going to work; This isn’t you; You aren’t going to stick with this. This thought stream lasted about a month, and after incorporating my own “touch” to the process (stretching, connecting with my breath), it started to become natural. And even more so, I noticed I was changing. I woke up on a Saturday morning, rolled out of bed and without hesitation went to my mat, sat down, grabbed my geranium and started to rub my chest. It hit me: the process had become a part of me, as natural as brushing my teeth, and the results were and continue to be terrific. I manage daily stress leaps and bounds better than before. I contain skills and techniques to talk my way out of a storm and recover quicker from triggers and traumas. I have forgiven people in my life that I had said I never would. I am more calm, present and have found a deeper union with my life. I also have a more clear understanding of how to serve and love unconditionally while setting healthy boundaries. I am free, I have forgiven, I am forgiven. And this process, this three motions for three minutes process, saved me. Elizabeth, I am filled with so much gratitude for your guidance, support, vision, and love. My humble and loyal cells are anew; I am anew ❤️"

"The Hero Protocol from the Sovereign Way of Enlightenment Changed My Life"

by Debbie Pribele, entrepreneur (Canada)

"You know how they say that when the student is ready that the teacher shall appear? Little did I know that, when I invited Elizabeth to share her story at my Empowerment event, that I was about to become the student and I was about to peel back another layer of “old stories”, reaching a new level of awareness and empowerment! The HERO protocol has changed my life!!!! I have re-aligned with who I am, with my passion, purpose, beliefs, and even my goals." 

"Changed Everything About How I Use My Mind"

by Jeffrey Guernsey, US Navy (ret) and Reiki Master (Colorado, USA)

"I took the GENIUS course from Sovereign in January 2019 and it changed everything about how I use my mind. I was able to easily understand the material, shape my thinking, and set my life in a new direction. I hope to one day help someone the way Elizabeth has helped me."


GENIUS, 5 metacognition techniques, was brimming with those delicious 'Ah Ha!' moments. My mind is now faster, clearer, quieter and more malleable. I proudly wear the badge of 'Genius' with the ability to understand what I need to know in the moment and a deeper knowledge that changing the mind to change the brain to change the mind can be achieved initially by a simple shift in perspective. This has become a well practised game I play through each day to make my experiences more abundant and beautiful.

Tina Barnes, middle school teacher 2020 UK



Katie Moseley, author (Colorado, USA)

Elizabeth, I am beyond grateful to have worked with you! You have been an invaluable asset and have demonstrated yourself to be so much more. Your service was so focused and committed, that I felt like I was working with a writing coach!  You have a true talent for dissecting a piece of work into manageable chunks, pointing out threads and themes to build on, were honest and respectful about things that weren’t working and could be transformed, and have a gift for encouraging the student to elevate the quality of work, blossom, and step into their own story.  This is exactly what I was looking for in a guide. You have a unique understanding of the message of my story as well, which undoubtedly complimented this process. I truly appreciate your guidance and phenomenal work. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.


Words of gratitude for healing and clarity:

I have had 2 sessions with Elizabeth. I have no words that are good enough to explain how incredibly wonderful, spiritual, calming, healing these sessions were. You owe it to yourself to make an appointment today - you really deserve it.

Kathy Malek, administrator, CO 2019

What you’ve done for me is lovely. I feel a bubble around me that stops the negativity from people, especially those I don’t know and who don’t know me. It’s such a beautiful feeling knowing they can’t harm me and they can’t get in my head. I feel untouchable. Thank you SO MUCH for this gift.

Lori Pierce, homemaker, MA, 2019

I have had one healing session with Elizabeth A Wilson, that was totally transforming and a real eye opener for me in many ways. She is a great, natural, extremely talented healer 💖💖 She also gave me a spiritual message that was spot on 😊🌟🙏💖 so thankful to her 💞🌟🙏

Gunilla Falk, healer, Sweden 2019

Oh my! I started with one remote session with Elizabeth. I didn't know what to expect but what I got was way beyond what I could have ever asked for. Elizabeth really made an effort to track down the root cause of the problem I was dealing with. She asked exactly the right questions and used her intuition and inner guidance to help me understand the road to healing. It was an experience that still, years later, affects my life. She helped me reach new levels of healing and I'm forever grateful. I have a new understanding of my patterns and important insight to what I have to do to break free. I would recommend her to anyone who really wants to transform their lives. Thanks Elizabeth, for sharing your gift with the world.

Maria Kristine Viklund, life coach, Sweden 2019

I've worked with healers all over the world in many types of modalities. Elizabeth is one of the best! Her healing is not surface, ya know, "feel good for an hour after". It's lifetime healing. I am going through a huge transition of leaving an abusive relationship. Elizabeth guided me beyond the momentary heartache and fear. She offered deep healing. I accepted because she creates a safe place. Without judgement or pity, she becomes the conduit of love, kindness & compassion. She held my hand and guided me to my healing. Gently lovingly so that I may feel in my own body - a healthy heart. She has also worked & guided my 16 year old to her own healing. Gave her tools to use after the session so she is empowered to continue healing She has changed the abuse cycle in our family and helped light the path to true healing.

Peggy Donnelly, Operational VP, 2019

I had one ontology session with Elizabeth...and it started a few hours before our appointment..suddenly tears came up...that moment I understood that her healing powers started already 🙏 Elizabeth has such nice and calm energies ( she is LOVE )💚.She caught a lot of information from my energies and gave me a lot of "tools" to solve my issues and I'm in the middle of that " ride" now!! I’m blessed over this chance I got 🙏.

Anita Juntilla, sales executive, Sweden 2019