The Core Tenets of Sovereign

  1. God is real. It is the source and substance of all actualized creation, and its True nature is a mystery.

  1. The Human Consciousness is an individuation of God. It affects creative reality the same way a prism affects light, by splitting superstate potentiality into possibility and perceiving value. 

  1. The Human Being is an interconnected system of consciousness, essence, energy and third dimensional actualization.

  1. Third dimensional actualization in a human life is always a vibrational causal response to that interconnected system.

  1. Each Human Being embarks on a unique coming-of-age journey to harmonize these systems and reveal more of the mystery in a journey of ascending consciousness. 

  1. This ascending consciousness is experienced as fuller and purer Love, which is at the heart of every Human’s goal. 

  1. The Human Consciousness is undergoing a historic shift called the Apocalypse, and the effect of this is an intensified experience of what is known by any individual at any given time. 

  1. The Human’s State of Being determines what is known by the individual, and is itself determined by the interaction of their sets of coordinates of paradigm, thought, feeling, emotion and circumstance.

  1. By altering those coordinates, the State of Being alters, the same way that changing the shape of a solid structure cup will affect the state of the malleable, liquid content. 

  1. Altering those coordinates in a specific sequence results in specific effects on the vibrational reality. 

  1. Inherent in the fabric of potentiality is the possibility of a frequency called Grace, and Sovereign Mastery allows a constant realization of this frequency.

  1. Every Human desires to know God. Therefore, Knowing God is the deepest actualizing agency within the human heart, and the core purpose of the Sovereign Way.