The Ten Commandments: How To Win of the Sovereign Game of Enlightenment

By Elizabeth A Wilson

Moses was a thought leader working about 1300 BC, ordained with the mission to liberate a culture of spiritual thought (Israel) from enslavement to a culture of materialistic thought (Egypt). He led the culture across a desert, an expanse of material scarcity in which their only sustenance was spiritual (manna). The Ego became rebellious and began seeking itself in the material world again (the Golden Calf). This is when Moses channeled a set of ten commandments from the Truth field to help maintain a righteous state of being[1]

Thousands of years later, as the human consciousness continues to evolve, it is not as helpful to read these commandments literally or historically and receive the same spiritual recalibration. Most of us don’t need to be told not to murder people, we understand innately why we shouldn’t. Yet God is not in the business of teaching cultural propriety, therefore we must seek the universal Truth in these commandments and use our deepest knowing to transpose their meaning to us personally and collectively today. In this article I translate these commandments as they pertain to an awakened player in the Game of Enlightenment, within the core tenets of the Sovereign Way of Enlightenment. 

I Am The Lord Thy God. Thou Shalt have no other gods before me. 

First rule of the game: Stay in alignment. Nothing else will work. Any other authority will lead you astray, into the thickets of the world of form. The prime directive is therefore Knowing Presence. 

Thou Shalt not make unto Thee any graven images.

Know that is it not worldly religion, philosophy, denomination, energy modality or godhead that is in itself the Truth. No human formulation of God is a full representation of Truth. Knowing this liberates you to follow your natural flow to Sovereignty.

Thou Shallt Not Take The Name of the Lord Thy God in Vain

Don’t be a hypocrite. If you speak in the name of Truth you’d better be sure to be aligned with it. Any judgment you make collapses the superposition state of potentiality making your declaration “fact”, not Truth. To speak in the name of Truth you must stay poised in Love and Non-judgment. 

Remember the Sabbath Day and Keep It Holy

Keep one part of you anchored in holiness, no matter how deep in the game you go. Return to this place regularly and especially at the end of any worldly mission or project to recalibrate back into righteous sovereignty.

Honor Thy Father and Thy Mother

Recognize the nature of your heritage and honor it as a fundamental part of your gameboard. All who came before you were also playing this sacred Game of Life, all of them dancing with sin (error, terror and trauma), finding their way home to God’s infinite Love. 

Thou Shallt Not Kill

Speak only Life over others. Diminishing the Light of anything or anyone with your judgment leads to cellular death, while speaking Life invigorates, enlivens and fortifies faith. 

Thou Shallt Not Commit Adultery

Surrender into God and submit to nobody else. You are the Virgin Bride of Christ, and your Word is chaste and righteous. 

Thou Shallt Not Steal

Only receive what is yours to receive. Taking anything from the world of form, whether someone’s idea or way of being, is a transgression against the foundation of God’s promise to provide you with what you need for your path into Sovereign mastery.

Thou Shallt Not Bear False Witness Against Another

Integrity, honesty and Truth characterizes the Sovereign master. Know that any story you tell of another is false witness, because you cannot comprehend nor convey the Truth of who they are. Be therefore poised and loving in all your discernment, especially when using Word to create. 

Thou Shallt Not Covet Thy Neighbor’s Goods

Keep your focus on your here and now abundance. Coveting anything in the world of form is a statement that what you desire is “out there” somewhere around the Golden Calf. The Truth is that if you can perceive something you desire, then the possibility of it is already within the container of your consciousness. 

Elizabeth is a leading vibrational ontologist specializing in the human process of expanding consciousness. Her work centers on the metaphysical and energetic craft of enlightenment, and she helps people embody the knowing of Truth even through collective turmoil and strife. Elizabeth is the creator and author of Sovereign: A Way of Enlightenment, a curriculum for life mastery, ontology practitioner at Longevity Wellness Clinic in Bradenton, Florida, the senior ontologist at Kerin School of Thought, and the executive gamemaster at Sovereign Masters where you can enjoy a game of vibrational ontology for yourself! She believes every human soul deserves to enjoy the journey of becoming, and that solid frameworks for understanding the cosmological process are key to contributing to the collective unfolding without personally slipping into the grips of anxiety and overwhelm. In other words, when you know the difference between the essence of universal flow and the structure of illusion, you become the unicorn version of yourself.
Elizabeth A Wilson

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