What is Genius? Insights from a high-ish IQ weirdo. 
by Elizabeth A Wilson 
March 15 2021

In 2002 when I was studying Criminology and Journalism at the University of Lincoln, my boyfriend (now X) and I went together to Liverpool to take the Cattell standard IQ test with Mensa. 

I scored 142 (not the 148 necessary for Mensa membership) 
He scored 113 (perfectly awesome)

He had already positioned me as a competitor in his life and this was the final straw. He dumped me shortly afterwards (on my birthday, by giving me a gift coupon for a hot air balloon ride for one! Which I had to admit was a genius, but callous, move.) 

That score of 142 haunted me. My IQ was too high for me to easily merge with social situations and conversations, but not high enough to "join the high IQ club." 

It had created a symbol of my lifelong loneliness. Too weird to be understood by most, but not weird enough to qualify for permission from an "on the spectrum"-diagnosis. Too [insert x] to play with the mainstream kids in the playground, but not [insert x] enough to play with the super cool kids in their [insert x] club. 

Eons later, during my early years of enlightenment, I found the Indigo Child theory which shed light on why so many in our generation feel like this. But the "damage" was done. This awkward social placing had wreaked havoc on my mental space, my identity and the way I process and think about everything. I would easily get trapped in mental rumination, cycles of questioning, over-analysis, and second-guessing my every move. 

Why am I like this and where does my way of being belong? 

It's why I created Sovereign - I needed a universe of understanding that made everything make sense. With this cosmology, everything falls into place. It explains the process of becoming and connects all the dots of all your moments to reveal the tapestry of who you really are and where you belong. 

The Sovereign framework revealed my genius, and directed it: 

The short answer to "What Is Genius":/ˈjēnyəs/ noun: exceptional creative power or other natural ability. (Oxford Languages)

So you are naturally a Genius, you see. 

This Truth is easier to swallow when you understand the difference between Genius State and Genius Zone:

Your “Genius state” is a natural part of your make up. Your perspective at any given moment is either near this natural part of you, or not. 

When you are in your Genius state, and this has nothing to do with your IQ, thoughts flow gracefully and with loving and creative power. You understand what you need to understand, and you can conjure imaginative ideas and possibilities. You learn through wonder and awe, and you process knowledge quickly and purposefully. You know exactly what to do, and you do it with ease and excellence.

You know this state. 

You have often accessed it in your “Genius Zone”.

Your “Genius zone” on the other hand, is a construction. It's a particular set of coordinates of natural talent, trained skill, circumstance and subject of attention. In this zone it’s very easy for you to access that Genius state of being. For one person, it’s sitting at the computer with a cup of coffee and a cool strategy to design. Another may find it speaking on stage about their personal journey of empowerment. Another enters Genius zone when she’s speaking to the flowers in her garden. 

But we’re not always in our Genius zone. And the more self-aware we are, the more specific that genius zone becomes - we simply can't fake it anymore. 

When the world around us shifts and we find ourselves galaxies from any semblance of zone, genius or comfort or otherwise, we are at danger of submitting our sovereignty of mind and the result is mental anguish: 

  • Calm becomes chaos.
  • Celebration becomes second-guessing.
  • Meditation becomes anxious rumination.
  • Wonder and gratitude become worry and analysis.
  • Allowing becomes resistance, and clarity becomes confusion.
  • And any success in your life feels hollow.

This shift, from total genius to absolute wreck, can happen to anyone, at any time, no matter where you are in your enlightenment, because we are so easily triggered into illusion and un-belonging when we step out of our Genius zone. That's just Life. 

So that's why you need the GENIUS mastery from the Sovereign Way of Enlightenment.

This is the craft of bringing yourself into Genius State, no matter where you are in relation to “the zone”. If you have a simple mechanism and a solid framework for benevolent, creative thought, then you always have a way to recover from illusion, enter back into genius and know the Truth. 

Imagine always being Sovereign in your mental world. Then you're a divine orchestra conductor and the delighted spectator at the same time. You can quickly compose marvelous solutions to the challenges of your life and at the same time revel in the enjoyment of their unfolding.

That's how you will always be able to know who you are, why you are, and where you belong. 

That’s Genius.
Elizabeth is a leading vibrational ontologist specializing in the human process of expanding consciousness. Her work centers on the metaphysical and energetic craft of enlightenment, and she helps people embody the knowing of Truth even through collective turmoil and strife. Elizabeth is the creator and author of Sovereign: A Way of Enlightenment, a curriculum for life mastery, ontology practitioner at Longevity Wellness Clinic in Bradenton, Florida, the senior ontologist at Kerin School of Thought, and the executive gamemaster at Sovereign Masters where you can enjoy a game of vibrational ontology for yourself! She believes every human soul deserves to enjoy the journey of becoming, and that solid frameworks for understanding the cosmological process are key to contributing to the collective unfolding without personally slipping into the grips of anxiety and overwhelm. In other words, when you know the difference between the essence of universal flow and the structure of illusion, you become the unicorn version of yourself.
Elizabeth A Wilson

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